Above Ground Pool Fencing Ideas

Summers bring back the glitter of trendy pools. Be it in-ground pools or above ground pools, a smart fencing definitely makes a statement. Check these cool fencing ideas.
It's time to soak the sun, get out on a perfect day and enjoy a few splashes with your family and friends. With all the bustle in activities by the pool, you sure want to take all measures for the safety and security of the pool. If you have an above ground pool, rigging its safety with a pool fence is a great idea. It will protect your pool, so that you enjoy time in heavenly bliss with complete security and care. The pool fence gives you a control over a possible danger over your property. It will protect your kids and pets from any possible accident when left unattended. Your private parties and personal space will be secured, as these fences will curb gate crashing, keep unwanted and uninvited visitors at bay. It will guard those private moments with loved ones against snoopy neighbors. What's more, it also keeps your pool toys and water games in the pool. Another feature about these pool fences is that there is a lot of variety, they are easy to install, and are not very expensive too. But would we compromise for heavy fencing and boring designs that only offer safety and privacy. What happens to our needs of style and a beautiful landscape? Well, I have a bunch of creative ideas that will let you 'eat your cake and have it too'!

Above Ground Pool Fencing Plans

Good fencing can make an impression on safety and style of your above ground swimming pool. However, before you execute the fencing on the pool, it is mandatory to check the rules and regulations of your state / county, and accordingly the fencing can be planned. Different pool fencing ideas can adore you pool. Narrow down the design with your favorite material according to the dimensions of the pool.
  • Chain Link Fencing The traditional standards of this type of fencing have changed. The link openings have to be smaller than 1ΒΌ inch. This is to avoid toddlers with small toes and fingers from climbing on to the fence in at attempt to enter. You can use galvanized steel fencing as it is more durable and sturdy, in fact the best in case of security. Coat the chain linking fence with your favorite color, it will make a unique and sturdy fence.
  • Wooden Fences: This traditional fencing material is used for your pool fencing also. Wooden fencing can give you a variety of options to choose, in terms of looks. However, this kind of fencing can be expensive. Also when selecting the wood, it is recommended to use wood that is resistant to rot and water damage. There also is an option to coat the wood with waterproof chemicals. If you can shed a little more cost for attraction, then wooden fencing is one creative solution for you.
  • Aluminum Pool Fencing: This is a durable, long-lasting option for pool fencing. You can choose from the many designs. Preferably check for polyester powder coating, as it is resistant to rust and corrosion by water, exposure and moisture. Not only will you provide safety but also add a creative touch to your pool. Aluminum fences generally can come with a warranty also. Try this option for easy, maintenance free pool fencing.
  • Glass Pool Fence: Tempered glass is used to make this fence, thus making it durable. This option gives an elegant and classy look to your fencing. It does not take over the charm of your pool. It simply remains unique as a fencing. You may have to invest on some maintenance and cleaning of this fence. Glass fencing leans on the expensive side of your pocket. But don't the best things always come with a price?
  • Wrought Iron Pool Fence: These fences are a more durable and strong option. Just like aluminum fences, they too can be coated with protective polyester powder that will avoid corrosion and rust. Wrought iron fencing will give a contemporary look to your pool fencing, with almost no maintenance. Opt for this type of fence if you want a taste of strength and class.
  • Vinyl Pool Fence: Vinyl or PVC fencing gives you a variety of designs and styles. It is the most safe and durable option for pool fencing. This gives you a low maintenance and low cost option for pool fencing, without compromising on the design and looks.
  • Mesh Pool Fence: This fencing gives you the choice of removing the pool fence whenever you want, since it is not directly attached to the surface. It is durable, that makes it a great option for security around the pool too. Go for this popular fencing option if you do not want a permanent fencing around the pool.
We have seen the various above ground pool fencing ideas that can enhance the look of your pool fence. If you can manage to add a smart deck and some beautiful landscaping around the pool, the overall look will surprise you every time you take a splash.

Fencing Regulations

There are some fencing regulations that need to be adhered to. You can first check with your local authorities about the exact rules for the same. To begin with, you need to get a building permit first for a swimming pool for specific depths. This is mandatory for inflatable pools as well. It is assumed that the above ground pool is above the ground, so no fencing is required. However, there is a regulation that demands a permanent safety barrier. Any above ground pool with a height of more than 1.2 meters, needs to have a fence.

What's more cool than a dip in your pool that pleases all your senses. Your pool adorns style along with safety...Ah... I know... this is more reason for you to stay in there now!
By Dhanashree Patane
Published: 3/9/2011
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