Kind and caring souls are soothing to the 'affected'.
Death is the worst killer.
Happiness is massacred by this monster.
No doubt, time is the best healer.
But, talking out grief heals better.
Compassionate words make the heart stronger.
Near and dear ones are the balm of the hour.
Dark and heavy clouds of grief, they try to clear.
Their kindness and concern make the ‘aggrieved’ feel better.
Vacuum created by the ‘absentees’ cannot be filled.
By their memories, it is well protected and grilled.
That space is there to stay forever.
This emptiness is to remain for now and ever.
Only if, genuine caring words are constantly heard;
This blow of destiny will not be very hard.
Death knocks at the door of any.
Young or old, it cares a penny!
Life has no cover against death.
Meekly or valiantly, it surrenders its breath.
Absenteeism from this world is inevitable.
To live without retirement is impossible.
This is the hard-to-accept philosophy.
It is the gist of life-n-death’s biography
Published: 7/16/2008
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