Abuse Poems

Abuse... an act of cruelty; an insult of humanity; something utterly shameful. These poems do not reflect on just physical abuse. In fact, they are emotional outbursts of those who have been victims of different forms of abuse. For a glimpse of what they suffered and how they fought it all, go through this section.
Monster Under Her Bed
Abusive relationship.
A God You Will Never Know
My thoughts were wandering over girls who suffer under the hands of their fathers, the pain, the agony....
Death Was Her Escape
A short poem (fictional) about a girl who was bullied till she took her own life to escape the pain.
The Last Blow
My first poem. What you are about to read has happened to my friend and I'm inspired to write this because of her. With her permission, I'm uploading it here for you guys to read.
The recollections of an abused widow....
You Don't Know Who I am
You don't know what people are going through, don't judge anybody you don't know.
Demon Seed
Sometime one has to suffer for the mistake of others.
Help, Please Help!
A poem about a child abused in the house, asking for help.
God Help Me
My dad is abusive... simple as that. And this poem is supposed to be a child telling the story of how she is abused. I don't know how to get out of it... I still don't.
Twisted and Confused
Something many people can relate to.
Escape From Here
A dream to escape from this place I call it home, that I feel trapped and abused daily. I just wish for an escape from always being the one treated like dirt...
Back Off
Tired of the bull malarkey, what else can I say?
Feeling of Angst
Please comment.
Awful Silence
So, I have this problem arising in my country where girls and women are being raped and exploited. Protests are being silenced. Nobody cares... So, this is my way of fighting. Please do comment. It's about a girl...
They Said I Should Run...
It's about domestic abuse, and parts of it are true but firing the bullet is purely symbolic not an actual event. Comments are welcome.
Giving Up On You - It's Time I Let Go
A poem for my baby's dad Kristian V. AW who works for K3 investments in CO. You said you never abused me, but now the world knows what you did.
My Parents Made Me Do It
Just Because they're your parents doesn't mean they love you.
Not In The Face
A poem about domestic violence.
Beat The Bullies!
A poem about all those horrible bullies out there!
Please Open Your Eyes?
All parents love their child(ren). Sometimes they realize that a little too late...
Do You Love Me Daddy?
Do you love me Daddy? It's all I used to want...
I Wonder What Made You Cry
It's not exactly as good as I'd hoped.
To Change It All
Us humans, we think we're so smart. But here we are, killing our future... A poem against child abuse... and abuse of any sort. Hope you like.
Abuse is Never Right
I wrote this poem for class, for a contest about abuse month. I put a lot of thought into it and I hope people like it.
New Start
Short. 6 months.
Caught Up In A Trance
A support for a victim of sexual assault.
Secrets Kill
A poem of what a girl wants and what she needs for her to stop cutting she just needs release.
The Show
The life of an abusive woman.
The Truth
This has happened to ppl it has happened to me let me know what you think.
I Remember
I remember when he hit you.
Who Hears the Cries of the Little Girl
A heartfelt poem about a little girl's pain, from the standpoint of that neglected, abused, misunderstood child.
Letter to a Backstabber
My fifth poem. Hope you like it and please tell me what you think!!!
Bleeding in My Heart
I'm not completely sure of the meaning... It kind of describes a person getting abused.
Reaper's Words of Comfort
It's about a girl who committed suicide because she was being abused.
To You I'm Nothing
A poem about abuse and how it affects a person.
Abuse Me
About abuse in love.
Over and Over Again
An inside approach on abuse. Please comment and let me know what you think!
Now I
The whole story behind this was to show that men can also be abused by women. If you like please leave a comment. Thanks :3
Stop Staring!
This is a love story of a guy who kind of abused a girl but didn't mean too...it's based on one of my books. It also has deeper between the line meanings but can be interpreted however.