Abusive Relationship Signs

The cases of abusive relationships are increasing with an alarming rate. Hence, it is important for every individual to know about abusive relationship signs, so that, they can prevent themselves or their loved ones from becoming the victim of abuse in a relationship.
When Sara and Jack met each other, the attraction was almost instant and they started dating each other regularly. Though, in the beginning Sara was blown over by the way Jack always called her to know what she was doing and who she was with, soon she began to realize that he was becoming over possessive. The time she spent with her family and friends became less, as Jack insisted her to be with him all the time. Moreover, Jack used to insult her in public both verbally as well as physically. Though every time Sara tried to break up with him, Jack came back apologizing and telling that he would not repeat the mistake. However, his behavior did not change and as time passed, it became more and more difficult for her to break away from him.

This story of Sara is not very rare, rather this is something that is commonly seen in relationships. Though, it is believed that only women are abused in a relationship, there have been cases where even men were said to be the victims. Abuse in relationships can be in different forms including verbal, physical, sexual as well as emotional. Though, this is a common phenomenon in many relationships, most of the time they go unreported, usually because after living or dating the partner for a long time, the victim finds it hard to break away from his/her partner. However, they must understand that being in love with a person, does not give their partner the right to abuse them in any form. Many times, it is seen that people who get on with the abuse silently, lose their self-esteem and begin to blame themselves for whatever happens in the relationship. Therefore, it is necessary that every person recognizes abusive relationship signs in the beginning of the relationship itself, so that they are able to remove their abusive partner from their life, as soon as possible.

Abusive Relationships - Warning Signs
  • One of the first signs of abusive relationships is when your partner tries to keep the track of where you are going, what you are doing, who you are with, etc. all the time Your partner will call you constantly to check your whereabouts. Though, you will like this kind of attention, flattering in the beginning, it will not take you much time to realize that he/she is actually overdoing it.
  • Being possessive and jealous are also some of the very important abusive relationship signs. Some amount of possessiveness is necessary in a relationship, however, when one of the partner goes overboard, it is surely a red signal for the other partner. An abusive person will isolate you from your family and friends. He or she will become extremely jealous when you spend time with your family members or go out with your other friends. An abusive partner will also suspect and blame you for flirting with other men.
  • Abuse partners will try to take control of the other person. The abuser will keep a control on the other person's clothing, what course he/she does, where he/she works, how he/she spends the money, etc. Abusive people may become angry when their partners become independent and try to take decisions on their own.
  • Many times, while trying to control their partners, abusive people will start harming the other person physically. This includes hitting, pushing, kicking, grabbing, smacking, punching, etc., sometimes even in public. Some victims also have to deal with sexual abuse where their abusive partner forces them to have sex and also in ways which they are uncomfortable with.
  • Abuse can also be emotional or verbal, where the abuser does not hurt the other person physically, rather by using foul or demeaning language. Verbally abusive relationship signs include yelling, shaming, insulting and name calling the partner either privately or in front of other people. People who indulge in emotional abuse may constantly try to point their partners' flaws and may also ignore them when the victims try to talk to them about the problems in their relationship, which are some of the important signs of emotionally abusive relationship.
An abusive relationship is a serious problem and if the abuser is not recognized at the correct time, they can cause physical as well as emotional problem to the victim, which may not be curable. Hence, knowing about abusive relationship signs will help you in recognizing an abusive partner and prevent you from enduring the pain that accompanies it.
By Deepa Kartha
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