Accept Yourself!

Listen up, because this is important!
If you don't like yourself,
Then how can anyone else?
You'll find it very hard,
To build up your cards,
To reach your potential,
Or to find happiness.

Because every time,
Life comes up with something good,
You'll find a way to mess everything up.
After all you don't deserve good things,
You don't deserve anything!
It's a vicious circle.

You need to see what you deserve,
Friends, love, support and success,
Just as much as anyone else!
But first, you have to stop,
Putting yourself down,
Reach for the very top,
And smile, don't frown!

Sometimes people who are supposed to love,
And support us,
Don't do such a great job of it,
And that often leaves us struggling,
With our low self-esteem.

That's tough, I know, but -
Self-esteem isn't what others think!
It's about what YOU think.

You can't buy self-esteem,
Or get it from others,
If you only feel good,
When other people praise you,
Or give you lots of attention.

Then there's no need to mention,
That you're in serious trouble,
Because no matter how many people,
You may seek approval from,
The one that really matters,
Published: 1/24/2012
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