What is the meaning of life?
Good thing I live in my own place now.
Free from the confinements of torture, unbearable control of others due to the unbalanced power dynamic.

When I was there, I didn't know what to do.
All I wanted was to die, literally disappear and forget about existence.
There was nothing for me, life had no meaning.

What was it to them, just something to control. Because they have no control of their own lives?
What was it that made them so peculiar about forming one's life which was not their own?
When they felt disappointed, was it true disappointment or just a failed try to make them do something that they selfishly wish?

What intrigues them to continue the way they live, what are they trying to do?
What is it that they don't like of their own life that they must do something of their liking onto ours?

No humane way of thinking is defined, surely not this is.
For it is abuse, purest of its form. Yet covered by a coating of perceived innocence.

Blame, for it is always our fault and not theirs. It is not their fault they failed school, it is the very reason of the birth of us. No?
Who is it to blame, but we. Since they go on about their life. Miserable, horrible, unfulfilled, unwanted, pitiful life.

They apparently had no other choice but to have us, why not shove us back into where we came from, to die?
Because your God said it's a sin, perhaps?
Did our birth not bring happiness? No, but sorrow.

For we did not choose this life, yet we must go on to carry this burden.
No choice, but to live.
Yet inside, we are dead.
What is your opinion on abortion?
I'm against abortion.
I'm supporting abortion.
I'm in between, it depends on the situation (e.g. rape victim).
I don't know.
I'm neutral.
I support all sides of the argument.
Published: 2/2/2017
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