Addiction Poems

Addiction is dangerous; be it of any kind. It refers to a state of being overly dependent on something and this is risky anyway. Here is our collection of poems about addiction and recovery from it. These addiction poems might answer some of the addictive question in your life. Read on.
Outcast Of Sobriety
A fall from grace.
At a point in my life, I was lost in deep thoughts and my friends thought that my only medication would be to drink, so I was forced to drink. I wrote this poem in that state of stupor.
Stupid Jimmy
A poem about addiction.
Dragon's Breath
Addiction is not forever.
Smoking and Drinking
The poem is about smoking and drinking and how it's not the right choice.
Raw moment of pain... anyone dealing with alcoholism in your family or closest friends, I understand...
Stop Smoking
Take care of your health, my friend.
The Bad Side of Addiction
This is what I think about addiction and how it affects one's life and freedom. Please do drop a comment.
The Monster that is called "Addiction"
A guy does drugs and he doesn't like it so he goes to rehab but the day he goes he dies because of an overdose.
Drug addiction paves the way for Death....What if Death itself becomes an addiction?
My Disaster
It is a poem about alcohol.
Drugs is Such an Ugly World
It is a poem describing the life of a person on drugs.
My Drug Use
I wrote this when I was in MYR (Motivating Youth Recovery)
A teenage drug user finds life. I was consumed by something other than myself. This moment is viable, and was expected long before I understand what love was. My meaning here was found, and my first impact on this earth has been...
Beware of drinking and driving!
Come And Try It
About drugs...
Pushing The Needle
Drug use with death...
What You Did Hurt Me
Drugs aren't cool...