Adversity - My Teacher

Adversity is the best teacher. In every difficult situation, some lesson of strength is learned. Being opened to the realization makes it easier to move on...
When sometimes things go wrong
And, that they most certainly will,
You drag alone, on the road long,
To really lengthy moments kill.

Try and look within to see,
What is it that matters most,
The strength and will to be,
Or to death raise a toast?

My path and choices made,
Lead me through the gale,
And strewn endeavors laid,
To win or lose without veil.

Each scratch along the way,
Every uphill task I dare,
Will take me to earned cay,
Faster than chasing snare.

Adversity is my teacher now,
She lights homebound move,
She guards as to life I bow,
And float, groove to groove.

There is a lesson in all around,
Our lives are parables well told,
Fallbacks strengthen ground,
And aging clay always mold.
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 4/4/2009
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