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A catchy advertising slogan is one of the most important attribute of a famous brand. Here is an exhaustive list of advertisement slogans which includes some of the best slogans/taglines that you must have ever come across.
When it comes to advertising, 'catchy' is the keyword - and nothing highlights this like some of the most catchy advertising slogans do. Irrespective of whether it is some clothing brand or some automotive company, it's the slogan which gives it a recognition and makes it popular. You choose any famous brand name that you can recollect, and the next thing that will come to your mind is the slogan or tagline that goes with its name. Now imagine, these brands without the catchy slogans associated with them. Difficult isn't it. It's quite difficult to imagine De Beers without 'Diamonds are forever' and Nike without 'Just do it.

100 Best Advertisement Campaign Slogans

If you were to compile a list of 10 best advertising slogans that you have ever come across, which ones would you choose? With thousands of slogans to choose from, and hundreds of memorable ones that you know by heart, it becomes very difficult to compile a list of 10, or for that matter 20 famous slogans. We went a step ahead and decided to compile a list of slogans which was even longer... say 100 famous slogans, and what we finally go is given below.
  1. 1,000 songs in your pocket. - Apple iPod
  2. A diamond is forever. - DeBeers
  3. ABC: America's Broadcasting Company. - ABC
  4. Acquire, manage and listen. - Apple Computer
  5. All the news that's fit to print. - The New York Times
  6. Always Coca-Cola. - Coca Cola
  7. Always low prices. Always. - Wal-Mart
  8. Australian for beer. - Foster's
  9. Because you're worth it. - L'Oreal
  10. Between love and madness lies Obsession. - Calvin Klein
  11. Born to perform. - Jaguar
  12. Break through. - Cadillac
  13. Coffee at its best. - Nescafe Gold Blend
  14. Coke is it? - Coca Cola
  15. Come alive! You're in the Pepsi generation. - Pepsi Cola
  16. Connecting people. - Nokia
  17. Diamonds are forever. - DeBeers
  18. Do you have the bunny inside? - Energizer Max
  19. Do you... Yahoo!? - Yahoo!
  20. Don't Leave Home Without It. - American Express
  21. Every kiss begins with Kay. - Kay Jewelers
  22. Every Pepsi refreshes the world. - Pepsi Cola
  23. Everything is easier on a Mac. - Apple Computer
  24. Eye it - try it - buy it! - Chevrolet
  25. Fair and balanced. - FOX News
  26. fcuk advertising. - French Connection United Kingdom
  27. Ford. Designed for living. Engineered to last. - Ford
  28. Game on. And on. And on. - Apple iPod touch
  29. Get more - T-Mobile
  30. Get N or get out. - Nintendo 64
  31. Good to the last drop. - Maxwell House Coffee
  32. Have it your way. - Burger King
  33. Hello Moto. - Motorola
  34. High Performance, Delivered - Accenture
  35. How does the wireless industry make you feel? - Sprint
  36. How Many Bars Do You Have? - AT&T Wireless
  37. I am Canadian. - Molson Canadian Beer
  38. I am what I am. - Reebok
  39. If you don't get it, you don't get it. - The Washington Post
  40. I'm lovin' it! - McDonald's
  41. Impossible is nothing. - Adidas
  42. Inspiration Comes Standard. - Chrysler
  43. Intel inside. - Intel
  44. Is it in you? - Gatorade
  45. It just tastes better. - Burger King
  46. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. - Timex
  47. It's Everywhere You Want To Be. - Visa
  48. It's not TV, it's HBO. - HBO
  49. It's not your father's Oldsmobile anymore. - Oldsmobile
  50. It's the real thing. - Coca Cola
  51. Just do it! - Nike
  52. Just what I needed. - Circuit City
  53. Keep walking. - Johnnie Walker
  54. Keeps going and going and going. - Energizer Batteries
  55. Lee. The jeans that built America. - Lee
  56. Let your fingers do the walking. - Yellow Pages
  57. Levis. Original jeans. Original people. - Levis
  58. Like no Other. - Sony
  59. Maybe she's born with it - maybe it's Maybelline. - Maybelline
  60. Meet your new personal trainer. - Nike+iPod
  61. Mercedes-Benz. The Future of the Automobile. - Mercedes-Benz
  62. Never follow. - Audi
  63. Nick is for kids. - Nickelodeon TV channel
  64. Nicorette, Nicorette, you can beat the cigarette - Nicorette
  65. Once you pop, you can't stop. - Pringles
  66. One thing leads to another. - Nescafe
  67. Porsche, There is No Substitute. - Porsche
  68. Power, Beauty and Soul." - Aston Martin
  69. Probably the best lager in the world. - Carlsberg
  70. Reach out and touch someone. - AT&T Wireless
  71. Relieves gas pains. - Volkswagen
  72. Save money. Live better. Wal-Mart
  73. Sheer driving pleasure. - BMW
  74. So easy a caveman can do it. - GEICO
  75. Spirit of Service. - Qwest
  76. That frosty mug sensation. - A & W Root Beer
  77. The best tires in the world have Goodyear written all over them. - Goodyear Tires
  78. The choice of a new generation. - Pepsi
  79. The Eye in the Eyes. - CBS
  80. The fun develops instantly. - Polaroid
  81. The future's bright - the future's orange. - Orange
  82. The Happiest Place on Earth. - Disneyland
  83. The jeans that built America. - Lee
  84. The king of beers. - Budweiser
  85. The king of good times. - United Breweries
  86. The mark of a man. - Old Spice
  87. The most trusted name in news. - CNN
  88. The official uniform of New York. - DKNY Jeans
  89. The Power of Dreams. - Honda Cars
  90. The road will never be the same. - Acura
  91. The ultimate driving machine. - BMW
  92. Think outside the bun. - Taco Bell
  93. This changes everything. Again. - Apple iPhone 4
  94. Thousands of possibilities. Get yours. - Best Buy
  95. Volkswagen - Drivers wanted. - Volkswagen
  96. We make money the old-fashioned way....We earn it - Smith Barney
  97. We never stop working for you. - Verizon
  98. When you say Budweiser, you've said it all. - Budweiser
  99. Wrangler - There's a bit of the West in all of us. - Wrangler
  100. You know when it's Bacardi. - Bacardi
A peculiar thing that you will notice here is that the list includes quite a few funny advertising slogans, and that doesn't really comes as a surprise as nothing can grab your attention the way humor can. At the end of the day, branding is the key to successful marketing..., and catchy slogans are the key to successful branding.
By Abhijit Naik
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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