Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss

This article is a guide on aerobic exercise for shedding extra calories. It explains the different types of aerobic activities which can lead to a slim and fit body. Read on to find more...
Exercising is one thing that you plan everyday, but always end up procrastinating. Well, until you realize that you have become two sizes bigger than what you were and your clothes no longer fit you, then you can't escape from the fact that you got to exercise and lose belly fat. Exercising may seem simple at first, but you should know which exercises you should do? What kind of exercises would benefit which part of the body? There are many questions which must be coming to your mind related to exercises and weight loss. You may be skeptical about the results of exercises and wondering whether weight loss is possible through exercising after all?

Aerobic Exercises and Weight Loss

The answer to all your qualms and queries about weight loss through exercise is aerobic exercise. You must have been recommended by your friends and family to try some slimming medicines, diets, sauna belt or God knows what not. Why not go the healthy way, if you actually have the stamina and determination to lose weight? First, understand what aerobic exercise actually is, and then you can understand how it would help you to burn out the calories and get into shape. Aerobic exercises are simple exercises or activities which are rhythmic in nature. Oxygen production increases during aerobic exercises as the muscles are worked out to burn the carbohydrates and fats. The increased oxygen helps in breaking the fat lipids to give energy. It leads the way to leaner muscles and a well toned up body. Aerobic exercise is easy to do, though it may try your patience at first. Begin the aerobic exercise routine with 3 times a day and gradually move up to 5 times and so. The duration can be anything between 20 to 60 minutes, as per the capacity of the person doing the exercises.

Some Simple Aerobic Workouts for Losing Weight

There are numerous forms of aerobic exercises; some of them which you can easily try at your home or garden are given below:
  1. Running or Jogging: The most tried and tested form of exercising is running and jogging. Jogging can be fun, if you are in the midst of any lyrical delectation. Just make sure that the next time you go for jogging or running, you don't forget your iPod. Jogging can be slow and tedious but you got to remember that it is one of the healthiest way to lose weight.
  2. Skipping: Skip the rope as many times as you like. Kids love to play with skipping rope. Reach out to the child in you and lose weight in the process too. Being easy and a fun to do exercise, skipping is also a good way to get rid of a few pounds from your body. Of course, once you start it, you won't like to put a stop to it.
  3. Aerobic Dancing: Step up and make few moves to burn some extra fats. Aerobic dancing videos/audio are available in market, which you could use while exercising. You can check for the description of the exercise, take a preview and choose one, which you could easily exercise on. You can call your like-minded friends and neighbors for dancing exercises, and start your exercise group as well.
  4. Swimming: Swimming is a good sport which can help you lose weight too. Do swimming with vigorous routines, with different types of strokes for complete body workout. Other aerobic sports which can reduce weight are biking, mountain skiing, rowing, etc.
  5. Shadow Boxing: Shadow boxing is nothing but dueling with an imaginary opponent. Get a punching bag and a boxing gear, and beat the adversary of your imagination. Surely, no one can beat you at this.
  6. Rebounder Exercise: Get a small or large trampoline according to your whim. You can exercise on the trampoline daily and have a lot of fun by jumping and rebounding on it. The tumbling and rebounding is a simple and safe way to get rid of those troubling extra fats.
  7. Step Aerobics: People who have staircases at home, may make use of it to do aerobic exercises. While at work, you may choose the stairs rather than escalators and elevators. This may be helpful in burning a lot of calories, as the stepping forces the heart to pump the oxygen faster, using the stored, accumulated energy in the body. Step aerobics are good not only for your joints, but also increases your stamina and pace along with the endurance of the body.
Exercising is painstakingly slow, if you want instant weight loss especially through aerobic exercise. Weight loss is, nevertheless, possible and guaranteed if you are ready to make some extra efforts. There would be times when you would feel like giving up on the workouts and would be ready to compromise with you being fat, it is then, you have to show your will power and sail through the tough times. Later, when you are used to aerobic exercising, it would be a piece of cake for you. So, stop procrastinating and go ahead, start these exercises.
By Pushpa Duddukuri
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