Aerobic Exercises at Home

Aerobic exercises refer to those exercises which improve the oxygen consumption of the body and they even require the consumption of oxygen already existent in our body. In fact, the word aerobic means 'with oxygen'. Read on to find out what all exercises fall in the category of aerobic exercises at home.
They say that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. That's absolutely true, but I think it is also the other way round. If you do not have a healthy body, your mind and your brain would not function properly. So it is of utmost importance that there is an indulgence in some kind of physical activity daily. Exercising and taking extra efforts for staying fit has become all the more crucial on account of sedentary lifestyles we lead these days. Now you would say that this is such a cliched statement. Yes, the statement is absolutely redundant, but isn't it true? Don't we all have to really make an effort to keep fit considering our lifestyles? Nevertheless those who have gymnasiums near their residence or in their offices can easily go through their daily workout. But what about them, who have neither of them? Well, there is a very easy option, you can do your daily workout at home.

Aerobic exercises at home is a great option for your daily dose of physical activity in case you do not want to or do not have an easy access to a gymnasium. So its workout time now! Let's check out which all aerobic exercises come under the category of aerobic exercises at home. Aerobic exercises are beneficial as they improve the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. They also initiate the breaking down of glycogen for the production of glucose and energy.

Aerobic Exercises

Spot On: The easiest aerobic exercise you can do at home is on the spot jogging. It is one of the easiest aerobic exercise and requires absolutely nothing. Depending on the age group and requirement, an individual can vary the intensity and the duration of the workout. It should be done with perseverance and should be indulged in over a considerable period of time for good results.

Wheel Over: One of the best aerobic exercises is cycling on the stationary cycle. It requires minimum investment and set up, and is absolutely hassle free. So hop onto the stationary cycle at home and get fit. Apart from the contributing to your lung capacity, its great for toning your legs and keeping your leg muscles in shape.

Trudge Along: Treadmill is another great aerobic exercise. This is perfect machine for spot running and jogging. The spot jogging mentioned earlier is supposed to be done without a treadmill. However, the advantage of a treadmill workout is that you can adjust the speed and get an intense workout as much as we can handle. The speed of running can be measured while working out on a treadmill.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes: If you are passionate about dancing, well, there could be nothing like it. Dancing is undoubtedly the most entertaining and fulfilling aerobic exercises at home. Be it a salsa dance or an Indian classical dance or a rumba, dance your way to fitness! Put some rocking music on and start off!

Hydro Power: Well, if you have a swimming pool in your house, then, what else do you need? Swimming is one of the excellent exercises. It tones and stretches almost all the muscles in the body. And for those who want to lose weight, well, go for it people, as swimming causes burning of calories.

Step by Step: If your apartment is on the 3rd floor or higher, then another good option to indulge in effortless aerobic exercise is to take the stairs and chuck the lift. Climbing the stair gives a good exercise to your feet and it expands your lung capacity as well.

Oriental Connection: In case you are trained in martial arts, but have not practiced them in a long time, well then, put on your oriental cap and get going! Martial arts a complete package - aerobic and anaerobic exercise, both are covered if you practice martial arts. You can easily do it at home, except for the fighting element. The different types of kicks are an amazing way to stay fit and for completing your aerobic exercise quota for the day! So kick it up for keeping fit!

These were a few at home aerobic exercises, which require minimum equipment and are easy to do. That is of course, if one is determined enough. These are the most common and easy aerobic exercises.

So get set and go for your daily dose of physical activity and keep fit, stay healthy!
By Medha Godbole
Last Updated: 9/27/2011
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