Affection In Love

Affection in love is hard to bear.
Oh, my love you rapture,
My breath do not surpass,
Neither do my moments go by,
It does not pass without you.

How many tears fell from your memories,
I did not count without you,
You gave pain to the heart,
It has made such an effect on the heart.

When I close my eyes,
Only your face comes to sight every moment,
Your attraction torments,
It makes me go crazy.

Your distance unknowingly,
Makes you come nearer to me,
Affection in love, is hard to bear here,
The screenplay of God is very strange,
No one ever receives accomplished heaven.

I know and so does God,
I have a right over you forever,
This is my claim, my love,
I Will stay in your heartbeat.

My craziness says,
You are embedded in my soul,
It is the atmosphere of wilderness,
What is this earth, and this sky,
Both my worlds are gold.
Published: 4/19/2014
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