After The Silence Of My Breath

In this poem, I tried to picture myself working that path that we know not, but know we are going to walk through. A journey to the unknown... a journey everyone must embark on. Please do comment.
The sun shines so brightly
But I feel so cold
I can see the time ticking
But I can't tell the time
What is before me is hard to see
It's like a mirage
I strained my eyes to see
But it appeared blank.

I can't understand why there is always a reason for a "why"
But all the same am asking why?
Why can't I see what is before me?
I wish I know and I wish I won't know
But my wish is silent in this
I can still walk a little
But that's about all
There is no blood in me.

Because I've not eaten for so long
I haven't seen anybody for days now
There are different stories and teachings around me
But that I don't care....
What I care is what awaits me after the silence of my breath
This silence that everybody dreads
But embrace the dead
What is life after all.

For death is coming for its call
And soon people would wonder why we fall
But all I think must cross this life's wall
To that place where we know not
What is it that awaits us at the very silence of our breath
Do you know it?
Please tell me.
Published: 6/27/2011
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