Against my Instinct

A short story filled with suspense and drama, and an instinct to survive. Action parked. Kate makes a choice that forever hunts her. She didn't have to, but she wanted to And she paid, in full!
Kate's friend Mitchell had ranged her up about a Fashion show happening in town. Once a week for the past two months she had attended a show. But this was different. It was her third of the week and that was much.

But she couldn't say 'no' to this. Everyone who was somebody in the Fashion industry would be in attendance. On the runway there were top models and music stars.

Kate just couldn't miss it or wouldn't miss it if truth be told she just felt she didn't want to, although her instinct kept telling her to sit this one out. She just wouldn't listen. Maybe next time she muttered to herself. She was super excited about this show at the office but at the same time was disturbed by the strong feeling not to attend it although she kept brushing that thought aside, insisting that she was not a superstitious being.

After work, she drove home, showered, changed into a beautiful silk green short dress that cling tightly to her beautiful body, brushed her hair and picked up her hand bag with her phone inside, stopping by the mirror to take one last look. Standing in front of the mirror was a beautiful lady, about 5 "5 with a rounded hips and curved waist. She smiled at the mirror exposing her almost flawless sparking white teeth and full lips. She was beautiful and attractive at the same time, a lady who loved herself and loved living life to its fullest.

With one last look of approval, she picked up her key and dashed out of her apartment and in no time, made it to the event. She had fun and a swell time, expect for one time when she needed to use the rest room. She decided to to let that spoil her great day. Nothing else could go wrong so she was satisfied when the show came to an end.

After the event on her way home, she had car trouble after dropping her friend Mitchell off for the night. It was late and dark and she was alone. She tried to start the car again but it didn't come up. Looking at her wrist watch, the time was 20 minutes to 11pm. She was never going to get a taxi in this side of town at this time of the night. She sat still and thought about what to do. She had heard many stories but didn't wanted to think about it right now.

She started the engine one more time but no luck. Now she was getting scared. The image of how she had lost her phone flashed in her mind. She went into the rest room with her bag to refresh her face, when someone walked in intentionally, distracted her and left. She could have sworn, she walked and looked like a man who had a wig on but decided to ignore it. It wasn't until two hours later that she noticed her phone was gone. She had immediately reported what happened to the organisers of the show who assured her no criminal was on the loose. They got her contact and promised to get back to her if they find anything. But now she was sure that the he-she was the Criminal who took her phone from her unzipped bag.

She jumped out of the car, locked the door and started walking fast. She thought without any incident, she would be home in another half hour. She needed to leave immediately as this was a very dangerous place.

Somehow, she kept expecting someone to jump out of the bushes and attack her and so it was no surprise when she broke into a run when she heard a noise in the bush. She felt she could hear footsteps behind her but dare not look back. What if that Criminal was stalking her? Suddenly she hit her leg on a stone, and stumbled over, bruising her knees and hurting her ankle.

She waited what seems to her like forever which was just 30 seconds for something to happen and finally opened her eyes when she heard or felt nothing. Now she stood up and broke into another run this time in full flight. She refused to look back even though she could have sworn someone was chasing her. What's the need she had told herself, if someone was chasing her, why would she make it any easier to fall down again and be caught she thought to herself.

She ran until she got to her environ but it was lonely and dark with no one insight. She didn't know what scared her most, the fact that she didn't see anyone here or on the way here. When she got to her apartment, she tried to bring out her key to unlock the door and suddenly remember, she had lost it when she fell over. Then she remembered she kept a spare key and went through the back but couldn't find it. So she broke the glass close to the door and put her hand inside to open the door.

When she got inside, she collapsed on the crouch as she was both emotionally and physically drained completely. 2 hours later, she had woken up at the hospital. Her neighbour had seen her breaking the glass and had called the cop who came knocked on her front door and entered when they saw the door ajar and no response coming from inside. They had seen her passed out in crouch and called the paramedics who had taken her away in an ambulance.

After she had woken up, took time to count her cost and realised she had lost so many things in one evening. There and then, she promised herself, never again would she go against her instinct.

Last Updated: 4/5/2015
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