Against The Odds - Chapter 10

"I misread you," Keziah said softly.
"I feel stupid," Keziah said. They sat on the roof of the Sampson's house. Their house was a two-story, so they were pretty high up but she couldn't see the party below them and that was good. The lights from the city were much more comforting. Zack sat next to her with his one leg down and the other one bent. His one arm resting on the bent leg and the other one flat on the roof next to him. Keziah sat with her legs pulled closely to her chest and her arms around her knees. "You shouldn't. He's the idiot," Zack said calmly. "Still. I shouldn't have put my hopes on it. I mean, he's about the most wanted guy on the school and I'm just-"

"No! You're not about to start breaking yourself down. There's no way I'm letting you do that. Not that you could find anything wrong with you besides your overly organized life but you can't even use that," Zack said teasingly. Keziah smiled a little. "It's not like I'm perfect," she said. Zack looked over at her. "Oh, come on. You're a straight 'A' student, you're organized, you're talented, popular, athletic." Keziah raised her eyebrows. "Don't think I didn't notice that tennis trophy in your foyer," he said. Keziah laughed a little. "Plus, you respect yourself and others and you're incredibly beautiful but you don't know it. That's hard to find," Zack said looking away. Keziah dropped her eyes, speechless for a while. "Well, what about you?" She asked looking back at him and trying to change the subject. Zack shrugged. "What about me?" He asked. Keziah laughed. "Don't pretend like you don't know! You're probably smarter than me and you've got the girls here completely crazy and you haven't even been here a month," she said. Zack smirked. "Story of my life," he said and shook his head. Keziah laughed again. He didn't say it in a cocky way. He said it as if it wasn't even a good thing.

"Come on, you can't tell me you don't enjoy the attention," she said. Zack shrugged and looked at the city lights. "I'm just tired of the same old bull. I'm tired of having girls with no brains and no self-respect hit on me. It was fun at first but after a while, you realize that you've never really felt anything for any of those girls. They were hardly even a part of my life," Zack said. Keziah looked at him. "I misread you," Keziah said softly. Zack looked at her. "You're not who I thought you were," she said. Zack smiled a little. "What did you think?" He asked. Keziah shook her head. "That you were a total jerk. I really thought you were one of those guys that lived for the moment, that you were rude and didn't really care about anything," she said. Zack smirked. "I'm sure a lot of people think that," he said and looked away. Keziah smiled at him. "Thank you, Zack," she said. He looked at her. "For what?" He asked. Keziah shrugged. "For making me feel better, I really appreciate it," she said with a small smile. Zack smiled, letting silence fall between them for a while. Keziah looked at the city lights and smiled faintly, enjoying the silence. It wasn't awkward. They both now had something to think about.

"You ready to face that party yet?" He asked. Keziah thought a while and nodded. "Yeah, we have to go down sooner or later and I could use some food," she said. Zack laughed. Keziah froze for a second. She'd never heard him laugh before. "Come on. I'm starting to get hungry too," he said and they both moved to the edge of the roof. Zack jumped off and landed on the balcony below them. Keziah edged closer, careful not to fall. She let her legs hang off the edge for a while. Zack raised his arms out to her and she lowered herself slowly. She felt Zack's hands around her waist as he lowered her down. Keziah immediately turned around when her feet touched the ground. They turned into Zack's room and walked through it. She looked around for the second time. A drum set in the corner, bed in the other, bookshelf and closet against the wall across his bed, everything neat accept for an unmade bed but she was still surprised at how clean his room was. "If you would please stop staring at my room we can go get something to eat," Zack said teasingly. Keziah looked at him and only then realized she had been staring. She laughed a little. "Sorry," she said and opened the door. They walked downstairs back into the thick crowd of teenagers and made their way to the kitchen.

"Keziah! Glad you could came." Keziah turned to see Todd walking up to her, smiling. "Wow, you look great," he said. She had skinny jeans and a white tank top with hoop earrings and a pastel blue jacket. She let her hair down in loose curls. "Hey, Todd," she said flatly. "I've been looking for you all night." Sure you have, she thought sarcastically. "Can I get you a drink?" He asked, still smiling. "No, that's alright. I'm actually heading for the kitchen with Zack," she said. Todd looked behind her and Zack and stopped smiling. "Okay, but you have to at least dance with me tonight," Todd said. Keziah grimaced. He was still hitting on her right after he had a makeout session with her cousin? Looks like Zack isn't the only one I misread, she thought. "I'd rather not. I'm not really in the mood but I'm sure you won't have a problem finding someone else to dance with," she said and noticed Eric waving a pizza box in the air outside for her to see. Keziah smiled. "Sorry but we've got to go," she said and reached behind her to grab Zack's wrist and moved through the crowd towards Eric. "Was that Todd?" Eric asked and opened the box to reveal a still untouched pizza. "Eric, you're a lifesaver!" Keziah said and took a slice, suddenly realizing how hungry she really was. Eric laughed. "And yeah, that was," Keziah said and took a bite, feeling the delicious taste of hot cheese touch her tongue. "About that, I saw him and Annabelle-"

"Save it," Keziah said before swallowing. "I saw them as well," she said. Eric raised an eyebrow. "Oh... and you're okay with that?" He asked. Keziah shrugged and took another bite. "I don't care anymore. Now let's talk about something else. Who was the pretty brunette?" Keziah asked and forced a smile.


"You didn't have to drive me home," Keziah said to Zack as they drove down the street, away from the party. Zack shrugged, his eyes on the road and his hand on the wheel. "I couldn't let Eric do it. The whole house would fall apart if he didn't keep an eye on things. Plus, I don't mind," he said. Keziah smiled a little and curled up with her legs bent on the passenger seat, a habit she had picked up when she was younger. Zack laughed a little. "What are you doing?" He asked. Keziah looked at him then leaned against the window. "Getting comfortable," she said. Zack shook his head and smiled. Keziah laughed. "You amaze me sometimes," she said, surprising herself. Zack looked over at her again. "How so?" He asked before looking back at the road. Keziah pulled her shoulders up. "There are things you've told me tonight that have completely changed my perspective of you," she said. Zack laughed. "That's a good thing, right?" He asked. Keziah nodded and looked out of the window as Zack came to a stop in front of her house. "Thanks for the lift," Keziah said and got out. Zack smiled at her. "Pleasure. Don't forget to ask your parents about the concert," he said. Keziah nodded, smiled and shut the door, waving slightly as he drove away.


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