Against The Odds - Chapter 2

Keziah used to be a nerdy girl (still is by heart) that no one really paid attention to because of her plainness. After a holiday with her mom, things are changing. Even the hottest guy in school's noticing her now. Please comment! I'd love to hear from you guys.
She knew he was staring at her. Over the last few weeks she’d noticed boys usually watching her as she walked away, which was both flattering and uncomfortable. She wasn’t used to it yet. She had always been the geeky little girl with her hair always in a bun and her glasses. Luckily, she had never had acne. When she was far enough, she looked back and saw that Zack had gone back to join his date and cousin. Keziah sighed softly. "This is going to be one long year," she mumbled to herself. "Well, maybe he’ll drop out soon because of bad behavior or grades, they’ll send him back home and everything will go back to normal," she said and smiled to herself. That seemed likely. "I’m home!" Keziah yelled when she got inside her house and her sister’s nanny appeared in the large hallway with her baby sister, Karen. The nanny was short, long dark-haired Latina with big brown eyes. "Hello, Gabby," Keziah said and smiled. Gabriella smiled at her and Keziah walked closer to check on her now sleeping sister.

Karen had dark soft hair and round cheeks with beautiful jade eyes that were now closed. Keziah smiled and touched her 18-month-old sister’s hand. Her little fingers slowly closed around Keziah’s finger. Keziah smiled and leaned down to kiss her little sister’s head gently, then slowly pulled her finger out of Karen’s hand. She looked at Gabby. "I’m gonna go up to my room," she said. Gabby nodded and smiled. Keziah bounced up the long and large staircase to her room. Her room was light pink with the same soft cream carpet and a round pink one in the middle of the room. One quarter of the room, the one opposite to the door was higher than the rest of the room sort of like a stage with three stairs. That’s where her piano stood along with a big window and a study desk opposite of the piano and a pin board.

The rest of the room had her queen-sized bed in the corner right of the door and the other wall on the left side from the door had a large window with a French sofa below it. Her white cupboard was in that corner and there was a full-length mirror in the corner opposite her bed. Keziah put her book bag on the ground and threw her blazer on her bed. She pulled the hair band out of her hair and shook her head a little, feeling her mid-back, curly, heavy hair drop on her back. She sighed softly and went to sit on her sofa so that she could look out of the window. She pushed open her windows and looked at the big white house next door. She sighed a little. Todd Ashford’s window was right across from hers. It was closed but she could still see into his room and there was no detectable movement. She laid her head in her arms on the windowsill and closed her eyes as the clouds moved and the sun graced her face.

Todd Ashford was the hottest guy in the school. Every girl she knew had at least a little crush on him. He was a star cricket player and the fastest person in school. He had beautiful blue eyes and brown hair with a strong jaw and buff body, but most of the time it seemed like he wasn’t even conscious about his looks or his athleticism. He was too humble and Keziah guessed that’s what made her feel so attracted to him in the first place. "Hey! Your tan is perfect the way it is. You really don’t wanna ruin it." Keziah opened her eyes, startled, and looked towards where the voice came from. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Todd’s incredible features smiling at her from his window. He was leaning out slightly towards her.

Keziah sat up and tried to get over the fact that HE was talking to HER! Not once in the two years that they were neighbors had he ever spoken to her. "I - uh - was just getting a little lazy," she stuttered and touched her hair self-consciously. He chuckled and glanced away quickly, giving her a second to compose herself. "It’s Keziah right?" He asked when he looked back at her. Keziah nodded, trying to hide the ecstasy she had from knowing that he knew her name. Todd smiled. "Pretty name," he said and she felt her stomach do a flip-flop. She silently begged herself not to do or say something stupid. She smiled shyly. "Thanks," she said.

"I’m Todd," he said. Keziah smiled again. "I know. The whole school knows," she said. Todd chuckled again. "Yeah, I guess I’ve got a bit of a reputation by now huh?" He asked. Keziah giggled. "At least it’s a good one," she said. He smiled. "Yeah," he said and just looked at her for a few seconds. "Keziah! I’m home! Come see what I bought today!" Keziah looked over her shoulder at her door as if she could see her mom through the walls and downstairs in the foyer. "I’ll be right down!" She yelled back and looked back at Todd. He smiled. "Duty calls?" He asked. Keziah giggled again. "Daughter duty, yeah. See you," she said and got off her couch. She started closing her window and saw Todd taking a step back and reaching for his as well. "It was nice meeting you," he said. Keziah smiled, nodded and pulled her window shut.
Published: 10/4/2012
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