Agent Guy Henson - Chapter 2

Felipe Vasquez escapes from a Columbia jail in attempt to exact revenge on Guy Henson.
Felipe Vasquez sent several unanswered messages to the ousted head of Los Pepes, Felipe knew Carlos Calderon hated the American government and could be easily coaxed into helping Felipe escape the life sentence he was giving by the Columbia government. Felipe incarceration did nothing to curve the murderous nature of his organization from reeking havoc throughout the world.

As Felipe sat in a cell at the la Catedral prison, he swore he would exact revenge on the senior agent if it was the last thing he did. Felipe paced back and forth in his small one man cell, wondering if any of his messages were received by Carlos, Felipe had a hard time imagining anyone turning down a million dollars plus a villa in Spain.

The evening meal was brought to Felipe cell as usual, he rarely ate the institutional meal served at the facility, instead he would bribe the guards and occasionally threaten, so he could receive a meal that resembled something he was familiar with. Felipe stared at the cold lump of pork surrounded by clumps of white rice in a soup like dish. "Damn, you Guy Henson." Felipe shouted, as he threw the plastic tray that held the pork dish against the wall. Felipe's eyes followed the liquid as it slowly ran down the wall. His sharp eyes noticed a white substance protruding from the hunk of meat that lay on the cold prison floor. Felipe picked up the lump of meat and examined it closely. He pulled on the white object and noticed that it was a message covered in plastic. Felipe exposed the coded message from Carlos written on a piece of paper no bigger than a thumb nail, the murderous madman quickly read the note and swallowed it whole.

The next morning Felipe awoke to a loud noise, as the guards hurried about in an attempt to investigate the sound, Felipe watched uninterested as another loud sound penetrated his ears, Felipe knew it was time, he dropped to the floor and rolled under the small metal bed frame attached to the wall. Seconds later, the wall that held the dangerous killer was no more, an explosion ripped through the wall sending the concert hurling in every conceivable direction. Felipe was momentarily stunned. He waved his hand through the thick smoke searching for the exit. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder guiding him towards the daylight. Felipe could see Carlos had several men with him carrying automatic weapons, the camouflage men stood guard aiming their weapons in a swivel like motion as they backed away from the prison, the small group of men sprinted for the dense jungle that surrounded the prison.

Within hours of the prison walls being breached, Agent Guy Henson And his team were in rout to a remote location in Bogota where their local contact agent Rapheal Ezerazo has set up a staging area. Flights leaving Bogota were grounded, there was a massive search underway in the city of Bogota as well as the country side. Guy knew the Colombian government could only do so much to aid in the capture of Felipe and it was critical to apprehend the dangerous fugitive before he went underground.

When guy and his team arrived Rapheal quickly updated the team as they drove north to the old church the F.B.I used for a staging area in that region, the team followed Rapheal to a secret door that led to the basement of the church which was fully equipped with the latest surveillance equipment. Computers lined both sides of the wall in the long narrow room leaving little room for anything else, before the team could get settled in, they received a word that there was communication between rival drug dealers who felt that the government would come down hard on their organization if Felipe was not captured in a timely manor. Guy smiled as he pictured the frantic drug lords, he knew if they were discussing Felipe that there would be information in the barrio where drug mules and informants were plentiful, the team had no other leads, for all they knew Felipe could be around the corner drinking a double latte and eating scones.

The south side of town was another world, the extreme poverty was evident everywhere you looked, from the old makeshift housing to the old tattered clothing worn by the residents. As the team parked in the middle of the barrio on a dirt road, the people seem to disappear one by one until only guy and his team remained. "This is going to be like pulling teeth." Guy mumbled to himself as he gave the signal for his team to fan the area in search of information. Guy knocked on several doors with a picture of Felipe in hand, the answer was always the same, the door would open and without looking at the photograph, "Yo no se" and the door would close. A half hour had passed and nearly every door in the barrio was giving the chance to close in the teams face. Guy arrived back at his suburban to find his team there with a look of defeat on their faces, Guy knew Felipe would push his team to their limit, the weary look on the agent's face spoke volume. The team piled into their government issued vehicle and slowly drove away, the narrow streets forced pedestrians to duck into doorways as the huge S.U.V roared down the dirt road. Guy noticed a woman standing in the doorway that looked familiar, but by the time he reached the area where she had been standing, the old woman was gone. Guy notice the woman's strange behavior, walking in circles, holding the religions symbol hanging from her neck, Guy made a mental note and headed for the church.

Guy went over hundreds of photographs of family members of the victims murdered by Felipe organization one photo stood out from the rest, Guy searched his mind but drew a blank as he listened to his team chatter about the secretive nature of the barrio, "that's it" guy shouted as he slammed the photo on the table causing the members of his team to end their conversation.

"What's it," Rapheal replied, "The old woman in the doorway this is her." Guy stated emphatically. The men looked at each other and quickly grabbed their weapon. Guy considered involving the local police in to assist them but corruption was rampant in Columbia, so the senior agent decided it would be he and his team.

Guy Henson and his highly trained team assembled outside the old church after receiving tactical instructions from drown that relayed information to a ship of the coast. Guy gave his usual speech on safety and the men went into action, they loaded their weapons into two vehicles and raced towards the barrio on the south side of town. When they arrived at the fork in the road that led to the upper and lower parts of the barrio, the team went in different directions, surrounding the old house that sat on a hill with another house directly above and below. There were seven rows in all that covered the hill spanning a half of mile. The old woman's house was on the sixth row with easy access from the top of the hill.

The team converged on the small shack leaving no room for escape, once everyman was in position, Guy gave the order to move in, the team moved silently and quickly, as they approached the old house an explosion rocked the small building sending debris flying in every direction. Guy was tossed over the fifth row of housing like rag doll. Most of his team lay unconscious from the powerful blast that flattened the old house. Guy managed to make it to his feet and call in the local police. The general consensus was that the drug lords have had enough of the attention garnered by Felipe with his brassin escape. "Problem solved," Guy stated as they pulled two bodies from the collapsed housing, "Yea, but we can't be sure until dental records come back," Rapheal replied. Rapheal's words struck a cord in Guy. He knew it would be at least a week until the dental records came back. Why would Felipe go through the trouble of escaping just to be blown up in the barrio guy thought to himself. There was no way Felipe could involve Los pepes without the cartels knowledge, the hair stood up on the senior agent's neck. He and his team were twenty hours in on the search and if this wasn't Felipe, he could be anywhere in the world by now, Guy thought of Annabella and his family in the states, Guy knew no one was safe while Felipe Vasquez was on the loose.
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Published: 2/13/2012
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