Agent Guy Henson: Trouble in San Juan

Agent Guy Henson's beautiful wife Annabelle is kidnapped.
After marring Annabelle agent Guy Henson took his new bride to san juan puerto rico for a two-week honeymoon. The couple visited Trujillo Alto and took a small boat to the Dominican republic for a night a dinner and dancing but the couples main activity kept the newly weds confined to the spacious villa they rented on the beach.

Annabelle and Guy decided to interrupt their love-making for a stroll down to the local coffee shop, as they walked through the small streets lined with vendors selling various souvenirs and religious art works, as they stood in front of a stand admiring the decorative straw hats guy noticed a man whom he had seen a couple of times in rout to the coffee shop.

Guy watches the stranger out of a mirror hanging from the hat stand, there was no doubt in Guys mind that this man was following them, so Guy decides make his way to the coffee shop where he would leave Annabelle and pursue the man who was telling him.

Guy ordered two lattes as he eyed the frail man peeking over a wrinkled newspaper, his clothes where dirty and his hair looked like it hadn't been comb in months. After the waitress returned with their order Guy excused himself and went inside the coffee-house to use the bathroom.

Inside the coffee-house Guy went to the other side of the coffee-house to observe the man who was following them, as his eyes scoured the alley way where the man was standing, he found an empty space, immediately his thoughts turned to Annabelle but before he could move an explosion rock, the coffee shop sending glass and debris flying in multiple directions, Guy was thrown backwards into a couple seated inside the restaurant and knocked unconscious.

Guy was awaken by his old friend who headed the FBI operation in Puerto Rico he and Lance went through the academy together and had risen up through the ranks together, something in his friends' eyes told him there was something far worse going on than just a bomb going off, as he struggled to regain his senses he, remembered Annabelle being with him at the coffee shop.

Guy Jumped off the stretcher and pushed Lance out-of-the-way, he ran to the smoldering coffee-house screaming his wife's name over and over. Guy searched the bodies that lined the street in front of the coffee-house one by one he lifted the sheets that covered the bodies of the dead revealing their burned flesh, the seasoned agent fell to his knees in tears fearing his wife among the dead.

Lance found his friend kneeling over the dead bodies and placed his hand on his shoulders, "Was Annabelle with you." Guy shook his head replying yes and received a strange look from his friend. "Guy!" Lance said excitedly, all the dead have been ID and Annabelle was not among them.

After the fire completely cooled Guy and Lance searched further for the agent's missing wife and finding nothing, Guy and Lance headed to the Marriott where they had set up a command center. Guy let his friend no about the man who had been following him and Annabelle, the duo decide that the bombing was a disguise for a kidnapping.

Guy stood on the balcony staring out to sea, wondering where the love of his life was, 'who could have done this' he said aloud as tightened his fist, Guy swore to kill anyone involved in the disappearance of his beautiful Annabelle.

Lance was on the phone calling all his contacts and informants looking for leads in the disappearance of his friend's wife for hours, they had no luck. Suddenly Lances private phone rang, it was a local informant with news of a beautiful Spanish girl being drag aboard a boat bound for Jamaica.

Twenty minutes later, Guy and Lance where boarding a helicopter headed for Kingston Jamaica. They arrived in time to see the boat, the informant described unload his wife whose head was covered with a burlap bag, The two agents sprung into action, jumping from the helicopter into the warm Caribbean water.

By the time they reached the shore the kidnappers where well aware of their presence and greeted them with a barrage of bullets from fully-automatic weapons, Guy returned fire killing one of kidnappers, Annabelle moved toward the dead man's weapon slowly as her husband watched with disapproving eyes, she griped the 9 millimeter hand gun like Guy had shown her and fired, two shoots at the remaining kidnapper send him collapsing on the ground.

Guy ran to Annabelle, kissing her furiously as Lance looked on, just another day in the life of Guy Henson, Annabelle exclaimed as the trio burst out in laughter.
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Published: 12/9/2011
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