Agent Guy Henson

Missing FBI agent goes under cover to catch a murderer.
Agent Guy Henson was missing for three weeks, The burrow had exhausted every lead searching for the senior agent who went missing during an under cover assignment in Columbia. Henson was hot on the heels of Lupe Vasquez. A Columbia national responsible for the death of six police officers and a judge and had vowed to kill anyone who might be foolish enough to try to capture him.

It was too dangerous, this point to send in additional agent, so a plan was devised to use a Spanish singer named Annabelle De La Moya to gain access to information regarding the whereabouts of Lupe Vasquez. Anna had worked for the government on many occasion and was no stranger to violence and clandestine meeting but the level of brutality that Lupe used struck fear in the aging entertainer who knew Guy Henson on a personal level, no amount of danger would have kept her from finding out what happened to Guy.

Annabelle arrived at Bogota's Eldorado International airport at 11:50 am and was greeted by Manny Coldoron, a local club owner who had agreed to work with the government. Manny was in debt to Lupe and wanted to aid anyone who was attempting to capture or kill Lupe. Manny drove Anna to the hotel de la opera where she would meet the top drug cartels leader later that day.

Lupe was waiting at the airport when Annabelle arrived, in his eyes she was the most beautiful woman he had every seen. When he heard she might be coming to Bogota he had to see for himself. In the middle of being hunted by to governments he strolled onto the Eldorado airport to gaze at a beautiful woman. Lupe knew of Guy Henson involvement with Annabelle and knew there was much more to gain by getting to know Annabelle, now that Agent Henson was missing and presumed dead.

Annabelle's show was sold out weeks in advance, people came from as far as Medellin and Cali to hear the smooth voice of the world renown singer. While the crowd filed in the front entrance of the club Lupe made his way to the back door where he had arranged through a bouncer at the club to meet Annabelle. As Lupe approached the bouncer he could see a figure walking towards him out of the darkness, before he could react, the figured had bared down on him. As Lupe struggled to free his hand gun from his waist band he was stunned with 50,000 volts of electricity sending him hurling to the ground.

When Lupe regained consciousness he was face to face with Guy Henson, the initial shock was worsened by the fact that Annabelle was standing at his side. As Lupe played the events over in his mind he reasoned that he must have been set up, Guy noticing the bewildered look in Lupe's eyes and offered and explanation. We came up with the plan after hearing through a phone tap that you were interested in Annabelle, the rest is history.
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Published: 10/17/2011
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