Well I got inspired in this by a guy who's actually in my age but has knowledge that's really nice bout psychology & he can diagnose people & define them by their actions which is something really interesting for his hope you like the article XD
Our life starts by a cycle...
People grow choose their purpose in life ...
They change their mind a lot & they go through many things in life
They like lots of stuff, they have aims in life...sometimes it's for the right purpose & Sometimes it's not.....
The best thing is when you have aim & you work hard to reach it ....
& it would be perfect if this aim was actually for a good purpose!!
& we still search & walk through this cycle...
We face difficulties but when we have the desire to get it then we don't give up !!
The best thing is one you reach your goal....
We see many people around have the desire & have knowledge & you love what they do...
But what's best is one you are one of those people!!!
Many people we usually judge them & take impression of them by their look!!
We never get to know them !!!
But when you know them for real you'll realize that you were wrong & that those people Actually knows lots about life more than you do!!
Not all the people like that !! but most of them are!!
Like it's said "don't judge a book by its cover"
So here we stand people around the world!!
Everyone has purpose!! everyone looks forward!!
& everyone fights!!
They never give up!!
They reach their goals!!
& they have a life that's worth to be called a life!!
Published: 6/10/2009
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