Airline Carry on Restrictions

A number of new airline carry on restrictions have come into play in the recent times. It is best to know about, what we can carry and what not, to avoid problems at the airport. Scroll down to know, what are the restrictions on carry on luggage.
After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the world has finally woken up to the necessity of heightened airport security, although it should have come into place long ago. An increased number of threats has made it necessary not to just increase airport security, but also impose restrictions on carry-on on a flight. Therefore, you will realize that a number of items, which were previously allowed, are not allowed any more. The restrictions have been imposed on both checked baggage as well as the cabin luggage. However, it is naturally more on the carry on luggage, to prevent any more aircraft carriers from being hijacked. Previously, only the size of the checked baggage and the carry on baggage was important, however it not so any more. Let's find an answer to the question 'what can I take on a plane'?

What are the Airline Carry on Restrictions?

Passenger screenings has become very strict on almost all international and national flights. Luggage screening has become stricter, therefore the latest restrictions on airline carry on are not just about passenger screening, but also about luggage screening. Take a look at the airline travel restrictions.

Airline Carry on Size Restrictions
The airline carry on size restrictions have always been in place. However, in the recent times it has only become a little more stricter. Every person is allowed one luggage bag and one cabin bag. The size of the bag by adding up the length, width and height should not be more than 45 inches. If you are traveling on international flights, then in some countries the size is inclusive of the handles and wheels of the carry on bag. The airline carry on size may differ from one airline to another.

Airline Carry on Baggage Restrictions
It is best to carry all the bare necessities in your cabin baggage. Items like handbag, medications, laptop, camera, mobile phones, bag carrying liquids, iPod, umbrella, reading material, etc., are allowed as carry on baggage according to carry on restrictions. Sticking to these items only is desirable to avoid inconvenience. The maximum weight of the cabin bag allowed for one person is 40 pounds.

Airline Carry on Liquid Restrictions
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has set up airline carry on liquid rule. According to this rule, extensive checks are carried out to rule out any explosives in the baggage. Liquids, aerosols and gels in specified quantities are permitted. 3.4 ounce or 100 ml bottle or less in volume is allowed. The liquids should be placed in plastic bags to enable quicker screening. If you are carrying liquids in larger quantities, then it should be declared at the checkpoint accordingly. The liquids allowed to be carried in larger quantities include medications, baby formula and/or food, breast milk, etc. These liquids may not necessarily be put in plastic bags. Do not carry perfumes, colognes, gel, spray deodorants, etc., as they are not allowed as a part of rules for airline safety.

Airline Carry on Food Restrictions
There are carry on luggage rules and restrictions regarding food items. Drinks and beverages of any kind, other than baby formula or baby milk are not allowed. Any of the sports supplements, that are gel based are not permissible as well. Do not carry jellies, puddings, yogurts, etc., with you in the luggage.

It is important to note that the airline luggage restrictions may change without any prior notice. Therefore, it is best to confirm with your carrier about the air travel restrictions a couple of days prior to your departure. This will ensure you do not have to go through problems about the items in your luggage. One of the most important air travel tips is to follow the restrictions for a problem free travel.
By Bhakti Satalkar
Published: 10/14/2010
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