Airplane Wish - Chapter Nine (Part 2)

The day goes on...
"The project for Grengali Hotels was the idea of the COO that came before me," I begin, "he couldn't see it to fruition but we will."

"However building from scratch could take years, which is why I'm proposing the use of another method; acquisition," I pause for effect gauging the reactions of the people watching me and seeing as I have the attention I continue as the images begin to be projected on the screen behind me.

"In my research, I narrowed down prospective companies down to a few, the largest being the Reddington's," I explain as a series of images show a few of the hotels and resorts owned by that company, "It operates on a global scale with hotels and resorts all over the world. Acquisitioning this company would enable us to break ground on a whole new market. We would be taking a huge step, but done right it would be a step down the right path."

"You do know that kind of undertaking would require a huge sum of money, millions of dollars," my uncle interjects.

"Of course. Which brings us to the question of what we would have to give and what we'll receive in return," I say to him and turn to look at the rest of the executives, "Due to bad management Reddington's has incurred a substantial amount of debt, one that we'll have to cover upon acquisition. However my projection shows that in three years we'll be able to return the money we invested and then harvest a profit from then on."

"With the world-class services they are already known for and the Grengali brand of excellence, this could work out and turn out to be one of, if not the best hotel in the world," I conclude, "It is now up to you to choose; will we strive for more or settle for what we have," I conclude and the look on their faces tell me that they'll approve.

"Well, that was a wonderful presentation but the board would like to think on the matter before handing out the verdict," my father, chairman of the board, speaks up.

The rest of the executives give out monthly reports and the meeting is closed. I head out to my office where I have to interview a few candidates for the PA position.
"Paula at what time are the interviews supposed to start?" I ask her.

"The applicants we called back have arrived already they are in the lounge room," she tells me whilst typing away on her phone, "I gave them a form to fill out while you were still at the meeting and I narrowed down the applicants to five."

"Fine. I'll have a one on one with them now," I tell her and she goes to call out the first applicant. She is a young woman, fresh out of school according to the profile I have of her.

"Good morning ma'am," she greets nervously.
"Morning, have a seat," I reply leveling her my most intimidating look and she looks positively intimidated. I can't work with someone who is so scared of me, she'll be too afraid to point out my mistakes.

I ask her the basic question and dismiss her. The following interviews are pretty much the same with the applicants spewing out the same old generic answers trying to please me and not showing any sense of identity or personality.

"Call in the last one," I tell Paula and in comes this young woman dressed in a bright pink skirt and a white blazer with bright yellow stilettos and immediately the room feels brighter. Her smile is as bright as her outfit when she greets, "Good morning, ma'am."
"Morning have a seat." I say for the fifth time today.
She sits up straight and confidently, I think I'm starting to like her.

"What's your favorite color?" I ask out of the blue and the question clearly surprises her, however she answers, "I don't have one. I could never decide."
I smile and ask her the rest of the questions I'd prepared for the interview. By the time I'm done I know that she's the one I'll hire.
"Miss. Grayson, your hired," I tell her and she blinks twice before asking, "Really?"

"You sound very confident." I comment sarcastically.
"I meant, thank you so much, you won't regret this decision," she corrects herself putting her confident smile back on.
"Go down to the 15th floor to the HRs office for your contract. I would really like it if you could start tomorrow," I tell her showing her outside my office.
"You've met Paula, she can show you where everything is," I gesture towards where Paula is seated on the office adjacent to mine. "Paula, please show her around, I'll be going out for lunch soon but call me if anything comes up."
"Of course," she nods and I grab my bag and call Daniel to meet me at the front of my building.

I find him waiting by the car and I'm thankful that he wasn't too far.
"Hey," I say into my phone after Becky picks up.
"Hey Katia, how's your first day?"
"Great so far, nothing special has happened," I say excluding the part about my uncle.
"I'm headed to Cindy's for lunch," I tell her hoping she'll be available to accompany me.
"And let me guess you want me to go with you," she states, I really should try to find out if she's psychic.

"You just read my mind."
"Okay, I'll meet you there."


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Published: 3/10/2015
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