Airplane Wish - Chapter Six

Katia finally makes the decision.
"So now that you've been properly welcomed back, what are your plans?" My father asks as he sips his tea.

I'm sitting on the far edge of the large dining table, purposely to avoid questions like that. I make myself busy with the newspaper coverage of my party and the part where my father spoke to me about taking over the company. I see a spread of photos, one of me dancing with David and another of David with his date. I roll it up in anger, not wanting to read the caption or anything else for that matter.

I take a bite of my toast and some eggs and sip my juice. When I finally look up, I find my father still watching me obviously waiting for an answer. He can be relentless like that.

"I don't know yet," I tell him getting up, it's best to leave now and not ruin the understanding we seem to have at the moment.

"At least, tell me you are considering coming to work for me," he says simply resigning to the fact that he can't force me.

"I am," I reassure him and head to my room.

I dress casually in a pair of denims and a white shirt with brown high-heeled sandals and a bag to match. I inform the driver, Peter to prepare the car as I call Becky to make sure she's free.

Minutes later, the car is headed downtown toward Becky's boutique. I should renew my license, I think, and drive myself around. Soon enough we are parked in front of the building and I relieve Peter of his duty.

"I'll call you when I need a ride," I say and head inside. Becky is explaining something to one of her workers, so I make myself at home on one of the couches that the customers lounge on.

"There you are," she says as she moves toward me. I get up to hug her in greeting and we settle back down to talk.

"So last night," she begins and I already can guess what she wants to know.

"David, yes, I did talk to him."

"What did he say? What did you say? How come I didn't see you two together?"

"There really wasn't much exchanged between us, we were civil with each other besides he's dating, what's-her-name, whoever she is." I explain picking up a magazine on the small table in front of us and flipping through it, without really looking at the pictures.

"But how do you feel about that?" She asks and I raise a brow urging her to explain, "About the rift between you two and of course, the other woman."

"We haven't spoken to each other in years and I don't own him, he can see other women. I don't know if we can go back to being like before," I say as I think back to how close we used to be, the friendship we shared.

"Well, now that's over, what about your father's insistence you go work for him?" She asks again, it's like I'm in therapy or something.

"Actually he's not insisting anymore, something changed last night."

"Well, that's great, but you just can't stay without doing something right?" She asks and I continue to get the feeling that I'm in a therapy session, tackling one problem after other.

"I could paint or find something else to do," I reply with a shrug as I get up to look through the racks.

"Or shop," I add as I hold up a white lace dress.

"Yeah, that you could," she laughs and ushers me of to a dressing room.


After chatting with Becky some more, I call Peter and ask him to take me to Cindy's, a small diner located farther from the city center. It used to be my favorite place to grab lunch back when I was in high school and she lets me work there for a while, when I was sixteen. Becky had assured me that it hasn't lost its touch.

"Rina!" I exclaim as I come face to face with the older woman and owner of Cindy's.

"Katia, it really is you," she smiles in my direction and I move to hug her plump figure.

"I saw your picture in the papers."

"It is so good to see you," I say as I sit down in my favorite booth, secluded from the other tables right by the window.

"I feel the same, you've grown so much, has it really been almost a decade," she asks taking my hands in hers.

"Exactly a decade, Rina," I supply taking a look at the only other woman, other than my aunt, who took care of me and treated me like her child. Strange too because we are not related, but she said she had liked me the minute, I walked in and asked for a job that summer.

For those two years, this place became a haven to me when I wanted to get away. It's nice to know it hasn't changed.

"I thought you'd never come back, you weren't so happy when you left," she says.

"I wasn't, but things are different now," I reply with a smile, "I'm at a much better place."

"So what do you want to have, child?" She asks and I smile inwardly at the endearment. The one only she used with me.

"I'll have my favorite, lets put you to the test and see if you remember," I joke.

"Oh! I remember alright," she replies quite seriously and heads off to the kitchen.

I'm left sitting there and since I'm alone, I get time to think. To think about what I've missed and of how I want it back. This place is home and no matter what, you don't desert your home. I'd managed to convince myself that I didn't want to come back, but now that I'm here with my friends, my family, I don't want to be anywhere else.

By the time I head home, I've made up my mind. I'll take my father's offer. Let life bring out whatever it may, I am ready for it, as long as I have the support of the people I love.


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Bribri - We'll just have to see if the attraction that's obviously still there will lead anywhere. Thanks for commenting!


Author's Note

So the story continues. I'm still a little disappointed with the lack of comments though. Anyway what do you guys think about Katia's decision?
Published: 12/25/2014
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