Airplane Wish - Chapter Ten

The meeting with the ball planning committee.....
"Surprised to see you here," Joe says to me as I get out of my car. I turn to Daniel, "You can have the weekend off, I'll find my own way home later," I inform him before turning back to Joe in his golfing gear.

"Surprised? I thought you'd say something more like happy," I reply as I walk up to him.

"No, I'm sure it's surprise, this is The Royal Swan Club," he teases, complete with air quotes changing his voice into a really high pitched one trying to sound like a girl.

I don't blame him though because to be honest even I am surprised to find myself here. It had been on the back of my mind the entire week as work took over the largest part of it trying to ingrain myself into the motions of the companies operations. I suppose looking at something other than work was a welcome distraction.

"Well, I'm here now, might as well go inside," I say to him and loop my arm with his.
"Sure, why are you here anyway?" He asks after we've passed by the front desk.
"I'm thinking of joining the annual ball committee," I say to which he gasps dramatically.

"The annual ball and you?" He lets go of my arm to put his on his open mouth as he stares at me with wide eyes and I can't help but laugh. I'd forgotten about how he could be such a clown sometimes.

"I know, I know," I say patting his back, "But don't be so surprised, people change."
"Uh... you hated the concept of the annual ball, criticized its newspaper coverage every year and swore you'd never attend one. Now you're pretty much helping to make it happen," he argues bringing out the lawyer in him.

"I know how I felt about it, I still do, but now I see the good that comes out of it," I tell him.
"Sure," and then he snickers under his breath.
"What?" I ask wondering what has him laughing now.
"Nothing, just that one time you called the ball 'prom for adults'," he says and goes off to get his golfing gear out to the course. I let out a small laugh of my own, shake my head and head the other direction where the committee is meeting.

It's a typical Royal Swan meeting, with Gina at the head of the table and everyone else seating according to their position on the hierarchical ladder in Dalou. I sit on the chair next to Gina, just as I did in the tea party.

"So have you ladies thought about the motif for this years ball?" She asks after we've all greeted each other and settled down.
"We haven't had a costume party in years," Jenny Brown, I remember she was two years ahead of me in school, speaks up.
"You need to remember this is not Halloween, Jennifer," Sandra Williams, who is unfortunately seated across from me, counters her looking down the table at her with disdain. Okay, there must be something here.

The next few minutes become filled with whisper shouts and cutting remarks of disapproval from supporters of Mrs. Williams.

"Silence," Gina finally cuts in having had enough of the show, "Katia what do you think?"

Being put on the spot like that makes me uncomfortable because I feel like I've unknowingly entered a battle zone and my comment will decide on which side I stand, "I think that it's a good idea," I say then add while looking at Sandra, "It would definitely make the ball fun, you know, liven it up."

I did think it was a good idea and people like Sandra who are so stiff in their old-fashioned views needed to lighten up and stop picking on others.

"Wonderful," Gina claps her hands together in a sign that she agrees.
"So why don't we expound on it..." she continues.


My phone rings as we are still discussing whether the costumes should all relate or if everyone should have the liberty to pick whatever costume they want. It has been an entire hour of this, so I'm happy to get an excuse to get out of there.

"I'll just take this," I excuse myself and exit the room.
"Amanda, what have you got for me?" I ask, my assistant on the other end of the line.
"I've tracked down the whereabouts of Reed Reddington, he's currently in the Bahamas at their South American resort but guess what?"

"What?" I ask not really up to guessing where the world most famous party boy would be hitting up next.
"He'll visit their headquarters this weekend in Bel," she says excitedly.
"That's great news," I say as a plan forms in my mind, I might close the deal on the hotel sooner than I thought, "Wait how did you get this information again?"

"I may or may not have threatened it out of his assistant," she replies jokingly and I laugh. Yeah, I definitely made no mistake hiring her.


The weekend flies by with me being so busy with the 'ladies' and work and Monday finds me in the office just as busy. Or maybe more.

The board has approved my project, so me and my team are working out the numbers trying to close this deal as fast as possible. On top of that as the COO I have other matters to attend to. Yes, working here is just like eating a slice of cake, for a diabetic.


Author's Note

Hey Guys,

I haven't updated this story much because I hadn't written any chapters in advance, so I'm writing it as it goes. I had midterm exams which were brutal, but I'm on break now, so hopefully I'll update more. I also found myself engrossed in writing other stories offline that I just lacked the inspiration for this one. But I'm back now and I promise you guys more action from here on out. *whew* That was long but glad that's over. So what do you think of this chapter? Please comment guys and let me know if I'm doing this right.


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Miha - Thanks so much for the encouragement. Let's see how she'll prove her uncle wrong.

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Published: 4/7/2015
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