Alcohol Red Face

The condition of alcohol red face may be known as alcohol flush reaction, in a more appropriate way. Let's learn about what is this condition all about from this article...
It may be common to see anyone going red after drinking a high amount of alcohol, and that is why red face and alcohol are interrelated. This condition is believed to be more common in people hailing from the Asian regions of the world. That is the reason why, it is also known as Asian Flush. What you would read from the following in this article titled 'alcohol red face' would be about some very important facts about this condition, its symptoms and what can be done to counter it.

Symptoms Accompanying Red Face Resulting from Alcohol
The red face, technically, is a symptom in itself, which may be accompanied by other abnormal occurrences. These may include low blood pressure, rapid pulse, vomiting or nausea, and dizziness. The redness of the face may also be accompanied by swelling, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, and fatigue, as well. Some people may also experience stomach bleeding, and blotched skin. In rare cases, this condition gives rise to fatal situation for the affected person. It should be known that the reaction is different for different people. Some may develop the redness some time after drinking, while for some, it may take a longer time for the cheeks to go red and beamy. Now let us now what could be the possible alcohol red face causes.

The condition of alcohol red face can be regarded as a reaction that the body shows in response to high alcoholism. Now there is this substance known as alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH). What this substance does is, it converts the alcohol into a potent toxin. This toxin gives rise to what is known as erythema, which dilates the blood capillaries present in the neck and shoulder. This in what causes the face to go red. So once this toxin, known as acetaldehyde starts circulating in the body, the body protests and tries to fight it off by producing aldehyde dehydrogenase-2 (ALDH2). This helps breaking down the toxic substances which can be processed by the body. Now, in some people, who are hit by the alcohol red face reaction, this process of detoxifying acetaldehyde does not work properly thus, the reaction. What experts say is, this malfunction in the process is dominant in about 45-50% of Asians. The significance of the condition of alcohol red face is the fact that people who are more prone to develop it, stay at a higher risk zone to contracting esophageal cancer.

Treatment Measures
Medical experts are still on their work to come up with the cure for the condition of alcohol red face. However, they do recommend certain steps or measures to which might help reduce the risk of developing the condition. These measures have been listed out in the following:
  • It is advisable to consume foods rich in starch, before taking alcohol. The starch helps to coat the stomach thus, reducing the risk of flushing.
  • Also, people who are susceptible to be hit by this reaction may benefit by taking products containing sugar and vitamin B-3.
So these were a couple of measures which may help you reduce the risk of developing the alcohol red face reaction. As there is no cure, prevention is the only way out. Consulting a physician before taking any kind of drugs to deal with the condition, is always advised. It is wise to get hold of the idea of how much alcohol your body can take and so does is knowing your limits. Also knowing about the severe effects of alcohol abuse, or alcohol addiction provides a great deal of help in preventing all such instances. Drinking alcohol, when kept in moderate amounts, actually does good for the body. So always make a conscious effort to keep the drinking to a moderate level, and not to get carried away in the enjoyment. It is always nice and good to be able to stand and talk to your friends after drinking, and not coming out crawling on the couch with a red face!
By Rajib Singha
Published: 11/10/2010
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