Alexandra Knight - Chapter 5

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The hallways were chaotic. Screams and battle cries had erupted into the air, pounding furiously against my ears. I felt my eyes widen in shock as I stared down the long hallway that lay in front of me - so many slayers and vampires. Everything was a blur. I felt my feet stay in place, frozen. I couldn’t move, I was unable to.

My name finally brought me out of my trauma. I turned my head slightly and felt my heartbeat stop as I saw a vampire zoom towards me. Before my piercing scream even made it out of my mouth, a sword had suddenly broken through the vampire's heart, making it slump onto the floor, dead. Jake pulled the sword easily out of the vampire’s heart with a grim expression on his face. He then glanced sideways at me, his light blue eyes flickering on my face.
"You okay?" He murmured softly.
My throat was still hoarse. I couldn’t find my voice, but I forced myself to nod, my head bobbing. He nudged my shoulder gently.
"Come on, let’s go find Pallas."

My feet stumbled beneath me, making me silently curse myself. Just as we turned to a dark corner, Jake suddenly halted, making me almost bump right into him. A vampire stood in the middle of the empty hallway. My heartbeat stopped as I found myself staring at the tall man. I knew something was wrong immediately. A dark, eerie aura seemed to be coming off him, all I could see were clouds of blackness surrounding him. He had dark-colored hair, eerie bright red eyes and a sickening smile on his face that showed off his fangs. He wore a black cloak and it seemed like he had just stepped out of a different century. A name suddenly sprang into my mind. No... It couldn’t possibly be. I felt my eyes widen as my grip around my sword tightened. Jake seemed to be thinking exactly the same thing, because his light blue eyes suddenly looked murderous and he had an unforgivable expression on his face.

"Hector." The curt mention of the name sent chills down my spine, especially the cold way Jake had spoken it.
The man took a step forward, out of the gloomy shadows. His face did look handsome, but there was something dark about it, making me hate him immediately. I couldn’t help but notice how young he looked, but of course it was just an illusion. He was probably hundreds, no, thousands of years old. He was a vampire after all. I put on my fiercest look on my face and glared at him. He cocked his head sideways, giving a short, careless glance to Jake as if he couldn’t be bothered more or less by his appearance. When his eyes rested on my face, an unreadable look appeared on his face. The corners of his mouth lifted into a smile that made me feel unbelievably uncomfortable. Jake scowled and stepped in front of me in a protective way.

"What do you want?" He demanded.
Hector’s eyes never left me. "The girl."
I took in a sharp breath as I saw Jake’s shoulders tense.
"You stay away from her," he growled.
"You sound extremely confident, especially for a weak human like you." Hector murmured in a mocking tone.
"Well, good thing for me, killing vampires seems to be my specialty." Jake lifted his arms, his two glistening swords rising into the air.

I couldn’t help but admire Jake. How could he still be so fearless and confident at a time like this? I, on the other hand, was weakling and had to always lean on him to help me.
"Oh? Are you challenging me, human?" Hector smiled in a threatening way.
My heartbeat quickened. No, I couldn’t let Jake fight him. What if he was killed? It would all be my fault.
"No, Jake, don’t!" My voice cracked.
Jake turned back to me, surprised.
"I don’t want you to be hurt because of me! I’ll go, I-"

He cut me off immediately. An angry expression had spread throughout his face.
"You have no idea what you’re saying, Alexandra." He sounded furious, "I will not let him take you."
Hector cocked his head sideways, his eyes fixated on me. "My, my, is this what I think it is? He seems to care a lot about you. But, I don’t have any time to waste, so I’m afraid I’ll have to kill him."
Just as the vampire was about to zoom forwards, I suddenly heard rushing footsteps behind me. I whipped around, feeling a wave of safety rush into me as I recognized familiar faces. Pallas, Justine and Erik stood there, looking fierce and prepared in their black training clothes.

"All of your vampire minions have been killed. You are the only one left, I believe that you have no more business here now," Pallas said calmly.
Hector smirked, but made no movement to attack anyone.
"Ah, Pallas, we meet again." I cringed, his voice was incredibly unpleasant, not to mention scratchy. "You know that even if it is all of you against me, I will still win." A small growl escaped from his throat. "I haven’t fed in days, perhaps the five of you will make a quite pleasant snack."

I widened my eyes in horror. What if what Hector said was true? What if he killed all of them? No, this couldn’t possibly happen. Jake grinned in a dangerous way.
"Bring it on then, Hector," he spat as the others joined him.
Thoughts were slamming in my mind, screaming and whispering at the same time. I couldn’t let them fight him! I couldn’t let them die just because of me. I closed my eyes tightly and held my breath. Wasn’t there anything I could do? Come on, focus Alexandra, isn’t there something you can do?

That’s when it all happened. A large blinding white light had suddenly spread throughout the whole room, it was dazzling just like the sun. Sound faded from my ears, and all of a sudden I felt like as if I were being lifted from the ground and transformed into a completely different dimension. When the wind and the light had disappeared, I was no longer standing in the hallway with any of the others. Instead, I was standing in a huge, abandoned field where the grass had already grown past knee length. The sky was a strange mixture of purple and gold with pink clouds scattered everywhere. A large oak tree stood proudly in the middle of the field, towering over everything like a giant. I couldn’t help but admire the tree. A shining, golden aura seemed to be surrounding it, just like a cloak of light. Without even thinking, I automatically started heading towards the tree as if it were the most natural thing in the world. When I finally arrived, I realized that there was an old woman standing by the tree. Fear was not the thing I felt when I saw her, but instead, it was a sense of family. She had silvery hair that glistened under the sky, distant violet eyes that reminded me of a cat’s and wore a long black gown. Even though wrinkles were visible on her ancient face, it was clear that she was once a very beautiful girl.

"Who are you?" My voice rang loud and clear in the deep silence.
The old woman took a step towards me, studying me carefully with those cat-like violet eyes.
"Angela Knight." Her voice sounded ancient.
Why did she have the same family name as me?
"Why am I here?"
Angela took another step towards me.
"Do you know who you are?" The question sounded challenging, it was as if she were expecting me to answer it incorrectly.
"Alexandra Hamilton Knight," I replied immediately.
Hamilton was my family’s family name, but for some reason, only I had a Knight in my name as well. A small, amused smile appeared on her dried out lips.

"Hamilton was your foster parents' family name. You are not a Hamilton, Alexandra. You are a Knight, and only a Knight."
My eyes widened, surprised. "Wha-" I started in objection but she cut me off.
"You are of the Knight bloodline. I am your ancestor. I was the previous heir to the powers of the Anora Tree."
I gaped at her in disbelief. What was she talking about? And did she just say that my actual parents were foster parents? This was too much.
"Anora tree?" I croaked.
Maybe this old woman was crazy. Angela cracked another amused smile.
"I can assure you, Skye. I am far from being crazy," she started, making my cheeks heat up immediately.

Oh. My. God. She read my mind.
"Of course I can read your mind, it is one of the great advantages of my power. Now, as I was saying, this is the Anora Tree." She gestured towards the bright, shining oak tree that stood right behind her. "It holds great power, and the power is always passed on to the next heir of the Knight bloodline."
Confusion clouded my mind. The Knight bloodline?
"If you are born to the Knight bloodline, you are no ordinary human being. You are a magical being, a being that can wield the great powers of the Anora Tree."
I tried to put all the puzzle pieces together in my mind. I raised my eyes to meet her strange ones.

"What do you mean by magical being?" My voice was quiet.
Angela smiled, as if she had a secret that she were proud to share with me.
"A witch. The heirs of the Knight bloodline are all witches. I was the previous witch of the Knight bloodline, but my time has passed. You are the next heir in line."
My mouth felt dry. What was I supposed to say to that?
"You don’t believe me, do you, child?" There was a challenging glint in her violet eyes.
Was I supposed to believe her? If vampires existed, then it would make sense if witches existed too, right? For some reason, I didn’t feel at all strange that I was what she said I was. It was as if somewhere deep inside of me had always expected this.

"I... I do believe you."
Angela nodded in an approving way. "You were in time of great need today. This is why the spirits of the Anora Tree and I have decided to let you discover your powers today. However, I cannot keep you any longer, child, as I cannot hold time any longer. In any moment, those around you will start a fight with that vampire."
"You know Hector? Why does he need me?"
Angela shook her head.
"You must return to the present world for now. Your powers have awakened. You will know what you must do to protect the others when you return."
My heartbeat quickened. "What powers do I have? I don’t know how I’m supposed to protect them! Please, tell me!" I cried out, but it was too late.
The light was slowly fading away. Just before I plunged into darkness, Angela’s voice echoed in my mind.

"We will meet again, Alexandra Knight."

I was back in the dark hallway. Everyone was in position, ready to charge towards Hector and protect me.
"Stop!" I screamed just as Jace was about to swing his sword at Hector.
Everyone startled came to a stop, all turning their heads towards me. I closed my eyes and let out a sharp breath. Come on, you can do this, Alexandra. A word suddenly appeared in my mind, and it seemed like the word that could save everyone for some strange reason. I lifted my right hand and opened my eyes, shooting a fierce look towards Hector.

"Away," I whispered in the foreign yet familiar language.

Even though I had said it quietly, I knew the word had held great power. A jolt of electricity suddenly shot through my entire body, filling me with a massive amount of energy. A bright, blinding light entered the room, and it took me awhile to figure out that the light was all being projected from my hand. Automatically, I shot the ball of light that I held in my hand towards Hector, whose eyes sparkled as if that was exactly what he expected.
"Ah, I see, you’ve finally been awakened, Alexandra Knight." His dark smile spoke of trouble. "Well, since this is only your first time using your powers, I guess you won’t be of any use to me yet. I’ll take the blow this time, but let me reassure you, I’ll definitely be back."

Unable to move quick enough, the light hit him. He let out a muffled sound and disappeared into thin air. Feeling down, as if all the energy had been sucked out of me, I crouched onto the ground, fighting to breathe properly. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder push me forward with great force, making me fall head-first onto the ground. I let out a muffled yelp as I landed, clutching my stomach in pain.

"She’s a witch!" I recognized Justine’s high-pitched voice. "She’s one of them! It makes no difference whether it's a vampire, werewolf or witch! They’re all the same!"
Pain was the only thing I could think of. I could feel the stitches in my stomach, they felt like thousands of tiny daggers stabbing me.
"What the hell do you think you’re saying?" I recognized Jake’s outraged voice. "She is a witch, but that doesn’t mean she’s like the other ones! And she just saved you! Can’t you be a little bit more thankful?"
I suddenly felt a pair of gentle hands on my back, helping me to sit up again. I forced myself to look up, meeting Jake’s unreadable light blue eyes.

Justine scowled and pointed at me. "Right, that’s what they all say. But we all know how they turn out in the end. Heartless monsters!"
Pallas took a step forward, giving a warning look towards Justine.
"Everyone’s tired from what has happened tonight. You should all get some rest, and tomorrow we will discuss this situation."
Justine flicked her long, tangled red hair behind her face angrily.
"Really? Is everyone just going to let this go? Don’t you all know the danger she will bring upon us? Well, when that happens, don’t say I didn’t warn you!" She hissed, her dark-colored eyes shooting a murderous glare towards me. "Now that we have a witch, her aura’s going to tell every supernatural, where our hideout is!"

I opened my mouth, ready to say something really nasty back to her, but that’s when I felt a warm hand wrap my waist, gently helping me to stand up. I winced in pain, taking in a sharp breath. Every muscle in my body hurt.
"Is Hector gone?" I coughed, wincing.
Jake, not letting go of me, nodded.
"Come on, let’s get you back to your room."

We were silent for the rest of the way, none of us uttering a single word. I let out deep breaths, trying to recover from the sudden loss of energy. Thoughts were running through my mind, screaming and pounding furiously inside my head. I cringed when I remembered Justine’s cold words, the way that she had glared at me as if I were the worst thing on earth. I felt my eyebrows furrow when a question rang in my mind. Did this mean that Jake hated me now? I took in a sharp breath, my heart twisting with pain at the thought. When we finally entered my room, he helped me over to the bed, finally letting go of me as we both took a seat on the soft mattress. I pressed my lips together, my throat feeling incredibly dry as I stared at my two hands that were folded in my lap. No lights were lit in the room, yet I could see everything perfectly clear - it was as if my eyesight had improved. I pushed the absurd thought away. Silence. I didn’t dare to turn, I didn’t want to meet Jake’s eyes. Why wasn’t he saying anything? Did he think of me as a monster now? When he finally spoke up, his voice wasn’t as harsh as Justine’s, but it definitely held no kindness whatsoever.

"How long did you intend to keep this from us?"
I turned my head sideways, forcing myself to look at his face. A small bruise rang along his jawline, his brown hair was all ruffled up from the fighting, and his rosy lips were pressed together, as if frustrated. I took in a sharp breath when I met his light blue eyes. Cold and expressionless. Something twisted in my stomach, and I felt a sharp stab of pain. I forced my mouth open.
"Jake, I didn’t keep this from you. I just-" I started, my weak voice shaking.
He cut me off. "We trusted you." He narrowed his eyes. "I trusted you," he added softly.
I widened my eyes. "I never knew about this, I swear! I had no idea until just now, please just-"

He suddenly got up, balling up his fists.
"Do you have any idea how serious this situation is? Vampires aren’t our only enemies! All supernaturals are! I was amazed that Pallas even let you stay after he found out."
I looked down at my hands.
"Do you hate me now?" My voice shook, and my heart felt like as if it were in pain.
He hesitated, a pained expression on his face, as if the question was incredibly hard to answer. I felt my eyes start to get teary, as if I already knew what his answer to me was. I was surprised at myself, really. I wasn’t the type of girl who cried, yet here I was, my emotions taking a hold of me all because of Jake. When Jake saw a tear slid out of my eye, he swore under his breath, punching the wall beside him. He ran his hands through his silky hair.

"That’s the thing. I don’t hate you, even though the usual reaction should be to hate you," he murmured, pacing back and forth. "Even if I have to, I just can’t."
Something warmed up in my heart, pushing all the pain away that I had felt. He sat down beside me, brushing away my tears with his gentle hands. I took in a sharp breath, feeling my cheeks warm up at his touch. He gazed down at me with those two pools of blue as he slid his hands into both of mine, entwining our fingers together.
"I care about you, probably more than I should," he confessed.
A fluttery sensation spread throughout my stomach. He squeezed my hand and leaned in, pressing a small kiss on my cheek.
"Goodnight Alexandra," he murmured softly.
With that, he left the room, leaving me alone. My heart was pounding. Thoughts were running through my mind. I felt a small smile replace the frown on my lips, my heart feeling as if it would melt any second. I lay down on my bed, hugging my pillow tightly as I replayed the scene in my head. There was no denying the obvious truth. I was falling for this boy.


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