All For You: Chapter 5

(I'm back!) We find out a bit of the history behind Reed and Geneva. There is friction between Mallory and Geneva: the relationship between two sisters may not be smooth all the time. Read on to find out why.
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I'm back! Yay! I plan to finish this story and possibly get back to "Revenge is Sweet" as well. There are four short chapters preceding this, so you should probably read those and then read this. Hope you guys come along on this journey with me.

Things are about to get serious.


My eyes were so confused. My head hurt. But neither stopped me from moving my feet and inching closer to Geneva.

I took careful short yet thoughtless steps. My mind was somehow clouded and my vision was too. Maybe it was the fact that it was late in the evening and everything looked like a deep shadowed tree. Maybe it was the fact that the sky was a deep melancholic color tonight. My heart started to race as I came closer and closer.

Who was that...? I stopped for a moment and strained my eyes, squinting and furrowing till my vision cleared up. She was definitely with somebody but I still could not make out who it was. I took another step forward, not expecting my vision to suddenly be impeccable but I noticed it was a man and the man was behind her. She was looking down at her hands and he was not interacting with her. I rubbed my eyes again and thought to myself, "What is happening here? Who is that?" I still knew I could not trust my vision simply because it was hazy and foggy and the antidepressants made me see things at times.

Something inside me made me call out her name.

"Evie?" I shouted as loudly as I could have at that moment.

I saw her head turn and nod weakly. I started to walk towards her, hurriedly. The next moment I was on the ground. I had tripped on a rock. "Shit." I heard Geneva say something in the distance and I waved my arms in the air, not looking upwards. "I'm okay," I replied, unsure of whether she had even heard me. I quickly dusted the mud and dirt off my legs. This part of the woods was quite wet and muddy, possibly due to it being close to the river.

I managed to get up and when I did, I felt like I was going mad. Geneva was jogging toward me.


I furrowed my brows and shook my head, in an effort to try to shake off whatever it is that had gotten me in a stitch. I clenched my eyes and felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Geneva. "Did you trip, Mal?!" She dusted some dirt off my knee and stared. "Mal?"

I needed to sit down. I went back to the ground and exhaled forcefully. I knew I saw somebody behind her. It was a man. A tall man. I did not notice anything else; it was dark and hazy. I hesitated to tell my sister. It was not the first time I have seen things, but it was different this time around. I was so sure of what (who) I had seen.

"Who were you with?"

Geneva looked puzzled. "Um... what do you mean? I wanted some air so I came here alone. You saw me."

"There was somebody behind you, Evie. I saw."

She sighed, "Not this again, Mal. I was looking at the photos I took on my phone. We're the only ones here. I was alone!"

I turned my head to a side and nibbled on my lip. "I know what I saw, don't lie to me."

"Why would I lie to you about this? Did you take the drugs again?"

I could not believe she was back to this. Everything I did to her came back to my medication. "I didn't take my pills."

There was a period of silence. A short period, but it was very silent. The silence reminded me that we were indeed in the White Woods and that if we stood here long enough, we would lose our paths like we did a while ago.

Luckily, Geneva broke off the silence. "We better head back."

I nodded and looked at her. "I didn't take the pills."

That was all I said and I followed my sister back to the river, where my father and best friend were.


We managed to find our way back to the cabin. Thankfully. I did not think I could have spent another hour out in the open woods alone with my sister. Reed was with my father when we had gone back to the river. He was showing him how to fish.

It was past six by the time we reached the cabin. It felt good to be back. Emotionally and physically. Physically, because the warmth of the cabin and the thought of all that food in the refrigerator made me feel incredibly welcoming. Emotionally because nothing bad could happen in the cabin. It was safe and that was what I needed. Maybe this was what those people were talking about when they said White Woods was mysterious. I thought about it on our way: you're alone here, truly isolated. The check-in cabins were very far from the actual woods and resident cabins. Not a lot of people were allowed into White Woods at once. All this contributed to the experience. To a special experience. If somebody was to come here alone... I could not even imagine that. Reed did tell me that the people who ran the place did not allow that, but even if they did, I would never do that. I could not imagine being alone for a long time. It was safe to say that a person on medication like me being alone here would not be the ideal situation. I would go mad.

I saw Reed remove his trainers and trod around with his mismatched socks. His luscious dark hair bounced as he walked. I instantly felt grateful that he was in my life. He was more than my best friend; he was the brother I never had. A bit weird to say that since he dated my sister for a bit, but that was over and it was very childish. They were children. I took no part in it. I did not acknowledge the "relationship" at all because I knew that it was not anything serious. They were messing about. But not to the point when Geneva kissed Reed's brother, Tyler. That was when Reed came running to me. I had never seen Reed that heartbroken ever. I remembered spending days with Reed, distracting him and keeping him occupied to forget what happened. It worked out in the end and we ended up as close as ever.

"You're staring at me a little too much today," Reed said to me from afar.

I laughed and crossed my legs. "Psshttt. No."

He came and sat next to me on one of the chairs. He slipped on a pair of mittens and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. He shivered. "What's up? I didn't speak to my best friend properly today, you know."

"I know right! I missed talking to you. I've had a strange day."

"You wanna tell me about it?"

I shrugged. "Just a lot of mixed emotions today. Wait, speaking of mixed emotions." I heard a groan. "Talk to Evie!"

"I don't want to, Angel."

"Come on... please. You said you would."

"Well, I thought you'd forget about it."

"Come on, Ace, please. It'll be good for you two."

Reed looked at the ceiling and sighed. "God, fine. I'll do it. After dinner, though. I wanna eat in peace."

I smiled and hugged my knees. He rubbed my knee, fiddling with a piece of lint. "Oh, and I tripped today."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm alright. Tripped over this pesky rock. It was so dark, I couldn't even see anything."

"You're so clumsy." He slid his hand down my back and smacked my behind from the side. "Gotta be careful here, buddy."

"Reed-" I shrugged his hands off and got up. "I'm gonna go and help Dad with the food."

Reed nodded and reached for his phone on the coffee table. "Okay, can't wait."

I went to the kitchen and saw my father peeking into the refrigerator. He saw me and his face lit up. "I was just waiting for you, darling."


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Published: 10/30/2017
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