All I...

This is just something I jotted down in my notebook.... Thought I should share it....
I dreamed a dream,
No, that's wrong,
I felt a dream,
Because, dreams aren't dreamed, they're felt...

Have you ever had a dream?
You wanted with all your being,
Torn away in an instant?
It feels like your heart is being torn off your chest,
And just before you drift into slumber,
Your heart is crushed before your misty eyes.

Yeah, I dreamed once,
It feels like ages ago,
But my dream was taken....

And all I wanted,
Was for someone to hear it,
But nothing,
My dreams went numb.

A tingle,
That fades,
In and out like a pulse,
Like the lapping waves,
Like the heat flashes an elderly woman gets,
Like those summer days that couldn't make up their minds,
Hot or Cool?

Couldn't make up their mind,
Like the kids in school,
Who couldn't make up their mind,
Is she hot, or cool?
Neither, she was ever noticed.

My thoughts became foggy,
Reflecting outwardly,
Grades were slipping,
Slipping away like the time you have left,
Left to define you...

Slipping down like a toddler,
On a slide in a park squealing,
Like my dreams.
My heart.

Flutter, soft like butterfly wings,
A spark it came, it went,
Again it bloomed,
I dreamed a dream in time gone by,
Like Fantine, it was taken.

Down winded by the words,
Others threw at me as a child,
The good words, few at best,
Were small and simple forced...

Nice job,
Thanks for coming,
You're a nice kid,
Lies, like the lies I lived everyday,
Plastering on a smile and walking,
Out the door, hoping to catch a glimpse of my dreams.

I hid behind the lies,
Never growing into anything but myself,
Or who I said I was anyway,
All I wanted ,
Was an ear, someone to listen,
All I wanted, all I want, all I ask for,
All I...
All I...
How's the poem? Any critisime is gladly welcomed, just nothing too mean.
Loved it.
It's ok.
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Published: 7/18/2014
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