Allegory Poems

Allegory is an extended metaphor. This literary device is used to represent the abstract. Allegory poems not only have a lot of thought put behind them but are also interesting to read. Here are our allegory poems that will make you think. They'll make you want to read more, and more.
I was challenged to write a poem about 'silver'. Here's my interpretation of it.
Dancing in the Rain
The harsh realities of life...
A Nod's as Good as a Wink
Secret societies? Ancient aliens? Government propaganda? Who are the true power brokers?
Like the Devil
Evil is concealed within us all.
Let Me Introduce Myself
Does the power of seduction endorse itself on our glorious leaders? Are they truly aware of the dangers? As global warming brings higher tides, greater storms, and drought. The real threat of a meteor strike... the upsurge in...
Love Bites
Blergh with Nannu and my leg.
A Man-Eat-Man World
A poem on the nature of human beings, harming others at chance.
The Black Box
What would have happened if our heads were transparent? We all carry this box. Only you know the content.
Mystic Ocean
About my best mate Shane he's been here for me through thick and thin. love you Shane
Unequal World
This is an expression of the feelings of the inequality of life.
Born, Died, Born Again
However you interpret it.
I Was a Human...
We all work hard to fulfill our ambitions, but sometimes forget that we are compassionate humans.
The Rose
When you see the word 'them', it is referring to people who only want to see you fall.
Mechanization of the Heart
Why we are... who we are? Allegory.
The Wave’s Rhythm Gains Pace
Rhythm, time, the elements, and peace.
The Dance
When you have nothing else left then you can always dance. Allegory.
Little Red Alternative
A take on a famous fairy tale.
PR Man (Front Page)
It's a dog-eat-dog world.
Mr, Spare A Dime
A strange little tale.
Running Still
A fear of love within.
A Young Fellow
A young fellow...
Life Keeps Going On...
In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on. ~ Robert Frost
The Vase
So fragile...
Two Roses
The two types of life a human might live, from birth to death.
A Tale of Morals
Hope you don't end up like him.
The Hollow Tree of Me
A solitary friend of mine.
Two Sides, Two Stories
Each person has multiple personalities, but it all depends on which personality will take the victory.
The Forgotten Anchors
Roots the things we all have.
Amanda Bickett - I'm Back! I'm posting a little poem for you guys! It shows how a girl tried her best to get anyone's attention and when people don't care then she's gone. Just a way to show how some people are jerks!
Not Just a Girl...
This poem is an abstract conversation between a girl and her inner self "me". Her inner self is trying to tell her that she is not just a girl but a "life" indeed. This poem depicts the tribulations a girl faces...
I was minding my own business when the snake called to me..
Treasure of Love
After so many years of my life searching for the one I can call my love, finally I have found him and am never letting him go. for he is the world to me.
How do you describe darkness? Is it a person? Is it nothing? Is it nowhere? Is it... could it be... everywhere? Is it everything? How much are you willing to pay for the price of darkness?
The Prince
This is by far my favorite poem i have ever written, hope you enjoy it.
Play Your Song
Love comes from the one you need. A simple moment can refresh your memory of how much you love them.
The Tale Of The Weeping Willow
I Love Weeping Willows and I wanted To put A Reason as to why they Weep..... Someone Loves You.
Nature's Bloom
Wrote this during English class. Inspired from Frost :) Enjoy.
Thoughts Of The Night
Thoughts of day and night. 3 Feb 2011.
This was almost the second to last poem I wrote! I wrote this in July (2010) and almost quit, but started again that December.
What is Silver?
Debuting work. What do you think?
Yellow Balloons
I miss you.
Manuscript Of Yesterday
The art of prophesy is the art of history repeating itself. A conspiracy theory.
Herald of The Rising Moon
Ever thought of the effect the moon has on mankind? The magic of the twilight hour and the call for rest and sleep. The cool breeze, even in the desert, and the dimmed lights in the home of humanity...
Here is a popcorn poem reminiscent to life and the spicy relation enjoyed between a couple. So sit back and enjoy this popcorn treat remembering your sweet past...
You Wear Another Garb
We are one in essence and spirit. Different forms, but one truth - life. If we cease to see the difference, the number game will ebb and pure light will lead.
This is a song/poem about a person's love which is dead and he expresses it through symbolism of darkness.
Wilted Rose
Somehow I never seem to fit in...