Alliteration Poems for Teens - A Rookie's Relay

Rook on a roll! He retraced the road run for repossession of roused pride. Follow the rook and relive the race to reality. . . .
Raging ran the restless rook,
Reasoning rooster and roast ram;
Roguish relish, rampant look
Rousing rabbi and resting pram.

Racing past the rapid brook,
Resting, ranting and romping;
Rustling past, the restless rook
Cursed rash rabble and stomping.

Running rach, right behind,
Ragmatical at rubble and sound;
Raked ranches, reeked rind,
To crush the rampallion round.

Rose and rampick ravine reboant
Rared the rogue on the road run;
To revive and rummage or to rant
Rosary to refresh and rage, shun.

The regal rach reached the rook,
Retarding regret and refrain;
Our rookie raised and rightly took
Reverse step to pride regain.
By Gaynor Borade
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