Alliteration Poems

Alliteration is the repetition of the sound of the consonant in words that come one after the other. So, alliteration poems are poems that have lines with repetitive sounds in words. Read the poems below to better understand this figure of speech.
Those Old Words and Phrases
Trying to find myself again.
All About 'Mr. C'
The present poem is a funny imagery about 'Mr. C', the 3rd alphabet in the English. The poem is an amalgamation of personification and repetition that conveys a deeper meaning to the poem. It is a fictitious poem that illustrates...
Alliteration Poems for Teens - A Rookie's Relay
Rook on a roll! He retraced the road run for repossession of roused pride. Follow the rook and relive the race to reality. . . .
Alliteration Poems for Teens - Peter Prance
Alliteration is a great de-stress. Peter's prance provokes the perspicacious personality prone to peer pressure for performance. Enjoy! . . .
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