Aloe Vera Extract

After reading the numerous benefits of aloe vera extract, you are bound to throw out all those products that only claim to make a difference to your body but actually don't. These benefits you can experience only after using aloe vera extract and seeing the results for yourself. Take a look at what it can do for you.
A lot of people always recommend natural products in comparison to those commercially available. Among one of these natural products is aloe vera extract. Found in the leaves of the aloe vera plant, the pulp or gel is known as aloe vera extract. Aloe vera juice (made from grinding the pulp) is also an extract from the plant and may be considered as a type of aloe vera plant extract. Known to have immense benefits with both, physical consumption and topical application, aloe vera is truly a miraculous plant bestowed upon us by nature. Take a look at all that this plant extract has to offer.


Aloe vera extract can not only be topically applied, its pulp can also be directly consumed. Though there are numerous supplements available that provide this product, it is best consumed in its raw form. Aloe vera pulp is tasteless (though sometimes it may be slightly bitter), and consuming it every morning (a few pieces from the leaf) will make a whole world of difference. Alternately, you may make aloe vera juice by grinding the pulp and mixing three tablespoons with half a glass of water and drink it every morning (before eating anything) and evening (after dinner) to avail several benefits mentioned below. Extracting aloe vera from the leaf is easy. Simply pick a thick leaf (which means more extract), peel the flat side, and scrape out the pulp with a spoon. Don't go too close to the skin or you will get the bitter sap that is found the leaf. You may refrigerate the pulp that will last for almost 6 months in an air tight jar away from any direct light. Take a look at all the benefits that aloe vera has to offer.

For Skin
  • One of the biggest benefits of aloe vera gel for skin is that it can help cure dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Apply it twice daily for best results.
  • Those of you who have oily skin and are prone to acne, the best method to get rid of it is to use aloe vera for acne treatment. Aloe vera extract consists of enzymes that prevent oily skin and help clear out acne.
  • After the acne has been treated you may also use aloe vera gel for acne scars to get rid of the blemishes it leaves behind. It can also be used to treat scars post surgery so that they lighten considerably.
  • Finally, aloe vera works as a natural sun protector. Slather some aloe vera gel on your body before heading out in the sun, and you will find your skin protected from the harsh effects of the sun.
  • When applied on the face regularly, or when the juice is consumed daily, aloe vera can help delay the onset of aging that usually appears in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.
For Hair
These have been enlisted here.
  • Those who suffer from hair fall and hair loss may utilize the many aloe vera gel benefits by applying it on the scalp in order to prevent hair fall.
  • On the other hand, you may apply aloe vera gel for hair growth. It may be used as a conditioner after a shampoo, followed by a rinse, in order to reduce hair breakage and promote healthy growth.
  • Aloe vera juice, when applied as a conditioner for the hair can help reduce its frizzy nature, give curly hair some definition, and moisturize the hair thoroughly. Use aloe vera for hair after every wash for best results.
  • Another benefit of aloe vera juice on hair is its ability to cure dandruff when applied on the scalp. Apply it for about half an hour before a wash and notice the difference over time.
  • Those of you who have an oily scalp may make the most of aloe vera juice benefits for hair by consuming it daily. Else, you may combine a tablespoon with your shampoo for this benefit.
Some other Benefits
  • Consuming aloe vera extract daily can help reduce joint pain and inflammation caused by conditions such as arthritis.
  • Those who have acid reflux problems may consume aloe vera for acid reflux. It has cooling properties that will soothe the problems caused by acid reflux such as ulcers.
  • Another great benefit is that aloe vera enhances the strength of the immune system, thereby making the body less prone to development of diseases. Some studies have shown that aloe vera can even prevent conditions such as diabetes and cancer. However, there is not enough scientific proof to back these claims.
  • Aloe vera benefits also include its detoxification properties. Aloe vera in the form of its pulp or juice will detoxify the body and cleanse it, to leave you feeling healthy and rejuvenated.
  • Health experts recommend consuming aloe vera juice for weight loss as it has the ability to boost the metabolic rate and help the body lose weight faster in combination with exercise and a healthy diet.
  • Finally, aloe vera is a great remedy for constipation. Consuming the pulp or aloe vera juice for constipation is extremely helpful in keeping the body healthy and preventing it from the after effects of constipation.
With so many benefits, do you really think you need to resort to off-the-shelf products for all your problems? Not really! Use this miracle natural product and see the difference for yourself.
By Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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