Am I Confused?

If you can't convince, confuse; they say. But I can neither convince myself nor live with this confusion. I am confused about what can convince me. And I am not really convinced about all this confusion either. Convince yourself of the confusion by reading on.
Sometime back yesterday has gone,
Our tomorrow is yet to dawn.

We know the past has gone away,
Today is at hand till tomorrow makes its way.

I know I must do something today,
I don’t know but I think, tomorrow it‘ll pay!

"What did you do till yesterday?"
When tomorrow comes it’ll probably say.

Why to think of anything if nothing is known?
Or should we think of something where little is unknown!

Then why do we people think of our past?
And our hidden future we try to forecast?

Why not think of nothing and let things go as they do?
Or should we think of our dreams and try to turn ‘em true?

We people use today to think of tomorrow;
Yester joys help us forget today’s sorrow!

I don’t know what I want to do, or what should I?
Future’s yet to come and past has said goodbye.

If time just runs in day and date,
What is early, what is late?

I asked these questions to my brain,
It didn’t understand, my efforts were vain!

I put these questions before my mind,
Satisfactory answers it could not find!

To satisfy me both have refused,
What should I do? I am confused.
By Manali Oak
Published: 3/17/2010
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