Am I Pregnant - Yes or No

If the question, "Am I pregnant yes or no" is swirling in your mind, then this article will definitely whet your appetite regarding early signs of pregnancy and pregnancy confirmation. Answer the questions in this article. The questions are designed to check for the symptoms of pregnancy.
Are you planning for a baby? If at all you are planning for pregnancy, you should know the early pregnancy symptoms that can be easily noticed when you finally conceive. There are some typical early signs of pregnancy which are experienced by all. These signs and symptoms can help you get a confirmed answer to your question 'am I pregnant yes or no' before even performing a home pregnancy test. So, here is a 'pregnancy checklist', to know whether you are pregnant or not. Remember, it is not necessary that all women experience these pregnancy symptoms.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Just answer the following questionnaire, if maximum answers are 'yes', then there are bright chances that you are pregnant.

Have you been sexually active?: If 'yes' then you have good chances of getting pregnant in this cycle. (I hope you know that no birth control method is 100% reliable.)

Are you experiencing breast tenderness?: Breast tenderness is said to be one of the earliest pregnancy signs. Due to the hormonal changes taking place in the body, you may experience swollen breasts which cause pain when touched. Similarly, you may notice that the pigmented area around the nipples (areola) has become darker and grown bigger in size.

Are you experiencing more aches and pains?: Early pregnancy symptoms also include headache, backache and achy legs.

Are you experiencing morning sickness?: Morning sickness can be noticed even before the missed period. Nausea and vomiting early in the morning or even throughout the day is a sure sign of pregnancy.

Are you experiencing mood swings?: Do you feel that you are more stressed, depressed or more emotional than usual? Swinging moods is one of the common signs of being pregnant. You may feel annoyed, irritated or depressed without any reason. Hormonal changes in the body are responsible for mood swings.

Are you experiencing a strong feeling of eating any specific food?: 'Food cravings' or a strong feeling of eating a specific food is an early sign of pregnancy. Don't be surprised if you feel like eating that food item which you never have liked before. Or you may also become averse to certain types of foods which perhaps have been amongst your favorites earlier. The same principle applies to certain types of smell. This type of change in appetite is an early sign of pregnancy.

Are you visiting the restroom frequently?: If you are making frequent trips to the restroom or if you are waking up in the middle of night to urinate, then this can be considered as one of the early signs of pregnancy.

Are you feeling tired all the time?: Increase in hormonal levels often leads to the feeling of tiredness. The unusual changes taking place inside your body can make you experience fatigue, even if you have not done anything much to feel tired.

The early signs of pregnancy, mentioned above, may help you detect pregnancy even before missing the period. Although these signs are fairly common, you cannot rely completely on this test; because there have been many women who never experienced any of these symptoms and got to know about their pregnancy only when they missed their periods. So, even though you notice no symptoms and if you suspect that you are pregnant, just get a home pregnancy test kit. A pregnancy test and a visit to the doctor to check hCG levels is often the best and most reliable way of finding out whether you are pregnant or not.
By Leena Palande
Published: 6/15/2010
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