The sky was indeed marvelous to look at.
That lovely reddish orange spot did look brightest.
The not so tiny dot merged with deep blue sky to become pleasant purple.
Its magnificence made the vast aqua's blue sound sober and humble!

Water grew serene and subdued with slight sound of waves.
Afraid of darkness, penguins too reduced their dives!!
Setting sun's vanishing show was a splendid treat to vision.
Its rays' reflection gave an illusion of fire and water fusion!!

The fish seemed like beautiful mermaids under this red.
The thin lines of sun gently pricked the sea bed.
The vibrant color changed its shades as fresh night and it, met.
Undersea creatures behaved like chameleons while the sun set.

Snow white moon showed up to light the night.
Stars announced their arrival by twinkling from great height.
Peak of the hillock yonder shone like light house, very bright.
A cluster of stars right above the hill gave this stupendous effect!

A plump frog jumped out of water and croaked looking up.
With eyes closing and staring alternately, it was moving its lip.
Perhaps, the amphibian was making a wish to a falling twinkler!!
And that speck of light uttered "AMEN" before landing to disappear!!!!
Published: 6/17/2010
Bouquets and Brickbats