An Agony Ingrained

Life from the inside of a bottle.
Once I had a simple thought,
That life was far too complicated,
So I withdrew from this world,
Into one more intoxicated.

I got pissed with Mr. Barlycorn,
And all my fears ebbed for a time,
The world began to make some sense,
And I found some peace of mind.

And as I slept in drunken slumber,
The dreams I had were so surreal,
All the pain and all the agony,
Were banished by sedative appeal.

Alas, in my sobriety,
The complications flooded back,
Along with the pain and the agony,
That the world hung around my neck.

So now I drink to stay as drunk,
As it takes to dull the pain,
Life's not as simple as a thought...
It's an agony, ingrained!
Published: 3/21/2015
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