An Evening to Remember

My first poem on Buzzle. Please read and comment.
That was an evening to remember,
Unlike any other,
Every event was ordinary,
Till you came over.

When we spoke for the first time,
Within I could feel the spark,
It was short but sublime.

Like all good things must end,
I imagined so would the spark,
But it only did extend.

Each subsequent meeting,
More memorable than the last,
Till it was our last meeting.

In each meeting I left behind,
A part of my soul,
And with me a part of your soul,
Is all I can find.

Who knows when will we meet next,
But I have hope,
With this hope, I put all doubts to rest.

Those were some evenings to remember,
Unlike any other,
No moment was ordinary,
When we were together.
Published: 5/6/2013
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