An Ideal World?

Life is merely the illusion of existence. It can come and go in a moment of thought, and be lost forever like a fading dream, as it drifts away from us with the passing of time. Why strive to be unique when we all end up in the same grave.
There is no such thing as an ideal world,
As the bubble begins to burst,
I stare as cracks appear on the ceilings and walls,
And all my realities start to fade,
To reveal darkened skies and howling storms,
That blow away the cobwebs of my confusion.
And the realization sets in,
That my life is merely an illusion.

I have been hallucinating all these years,
My delirium filling my nightmare dreamscapes,
With surreal images of my own agitation.
A mental state where no reality exists,
The torment of mundane ideas,
A sublime notion eclipsed in confusion,
Setting down the foundations of madness,
In the darkest recesses of my minds allusions.

My silent muse of an archaic notion,
That only the fittest could survive,
In the emotional turmoil of life's commotion,
Perpetually revolved around my mind,
As I searched to find peace and contentment,
In the ever decreasing circles of humanity.
They killed all hope of contented peace,
With their self-conceited arrogance and vanity.

It disturbed me in my emotional illness,
Oh how I lamented death's refrain,
I cursed the very ideology of aspirations,
No dreams or goals could ever be gained,
Happiness was merely a wondrous desire,
A fantastic notion, an impossible plan,
It holds no basis in reality,
For there is no reality in the existence of man.

We are only a state of non-existence,
A chemical compound of molecular disorder,
Unseen, unheard and uninvolved,
We don't even echo in our empty corridor.
We are a mere experiment in a cosmic laboratory,
An insignificant image in a broken dream,
We will never feel true love's emotion,
For we don't live long enough to reach that higher realm.

We merely live for a moment, a fleeting glimpse,
It's all we get before the moment dies,
Before all our dimensions change,
To transport us to another moment in time.
I therefore do not fear death,
For it is just another moment's breath,
A wake up call from my nightmares,
A sanctuary. A release from my morbid fears!
Published: 10/28/2010
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