An Ode To Death

Have you ever wonder what death will be truly like?
Shroud me in your cloak of darkness,
Let me sail away on your breeze,
May your wind blow out my candle,
And I will rest my head on thee,
Awake me when the earth is cold,
And the stars have fallen from the skies.
To be reawakened within your womb,
First, you have to let me die.

There is a strange feeling of ambiance,
The contentment of nothingness,
To lie with you so perfectly still,
No pain to feel, no love to lose,
The calmness of tranquility,
It serves my purpose well,
To feel nothing for a million years,
Before you relight my candle.

Allow my sleep to lure me,
Towards your darkest truths,
Fill my soul with your knowledge,
That I may understand you,
That my heart may know the wisdom,
Of the true meaning of death.
I will watch you douse my candle,
As your wind steals my last breath.
Published: 11/19/2010
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