An Ode To Mrs. Tomori

An ode to the wife of the Redeemer's University's Vice Chancellor as at May, 2011 during the closing of her tenure at the University.
A woman of boundless virtue,
One that fears the Lord,
Her personality is awe-inspiring,
And an example worth emulating.

The sun may depict day,
And the moon may depict night.
The green-grass may depict life,
But her existence always gives life.

A woman of great delight,
Rendering help to both young and old,
Craving for the best in youths,
And fulfillment in humanity.

So humbly and kind,
She relates with any category.
So concerned and loving,
She sponsors inspiring events.

Favor, they say, is deceitful,
And beauty, they say, is vain.
But a woman that fears God,
She shall be praised

Being an all-rounder,
Both with beauty and the fear of God,
She deserves more of the eulogy
My pen is able to commit to paper.
Published: 5/31/2011
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