An Ode To Whisky

Can anyone put a folk tune to this one, a jig or reel perhaps?
Come in, come in, it's cold outside,
Come pour yourself a dram,
Raise your glasses to the sky boys,
And salute the gentleman,
His name is Johnny Walker,
And he wears an old red coat,
Come in, sit down, meet Johnny,
Pour his goodness down your throat.

Come in, come in, pull up a stool,
And shoot yourself a Grouse,
It'll put a feather in your cap,
And warm the taste buds in your mouth,
Raise your glasses up again my lads,
Hear to golden cheers,
Go get another round in,
All whiskies, no beers.

Come in, come in, make merry lads,
And all you lassies too,
Whyte and McKay are doing the rounds,
Come have a dram or two,
It will warm up your cockles,
And chase the cold away,
Come in and have a dram folks,
And we'll welcome you to stay.

Come in, come in, you laymen,
All ye priests and preachers,
We don't need your sermons,
When we have our own Teachers,
Come and listen to our stories,
For we have a few to tell,
And maybe we can teach you how,
To send the Devil back to Hell.

Come in, come in, come meet new friends,
Come in and meet the Grants,
They're lined along the barshelf,
And they want to shake your hands,
Come in, come in and meet them,
And raise our glasses to good health,
The Grants will make it easy,
To feel good about yourself.

Come in, come in, the year is old,
Come in and greet the Bells,
Out with the old, in with the new,
Let the chimes sing for themselves,
Tonight we will be merry,
So pass your bottles round,
Raise your glasses to the whisky,
And drink that bugger down!
Published: 9/14/2016
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