An Ode To World Peace

In light of the tragic events in Paris, this is a call to world peace.
The world is so unusual,
To live in deep refusal,
Of harmony and peace.

The mystery still deepens,
Of why we come to depend,
On religion and creed.

As principle fights moral,
We break our hearts in sorrow,
And no one ever wins.

It's a crazy situation,
A division between nations,
And not one free of sin.

If we'd only care to admit,
Then perhaps we could amend it,
And all people live as one.

But it seems we're propagated,
To live our lives in hatred,
As borne by the gun.

With seeds of revenge sown,
There is no way of knowing,
Just how far we will go.

It's a welcome to the slaughter,
For our own sons and daughters,
As we war against our foes.

Will we ever learn the lesson,
That war is just a reason,
For tyrants to gain power?

And do democratic principles,
Get loaded into rifles,
As the many back the fewer?

Most of us loathe violence,
Yet we hang ourselves in pretense,
And put our weight behind a cause.

We march behind our Generals,
To a system they call federal,
That leaves us to bear the cost.

And yet, we say that life is precious,
And I believe that to be obvious,
It's the gift with which none other can compare.

So why do we bear the ridicule,
Of following such fools,
Intent on leading us to war?

This need not be our apocalypse,
If we stand against the politics,
Of racists, bigots, and political upstarts.

We need only be ourselves,
And we can unite our world,
By the peace and understanding in our hearts.
Published: 11/16/2015
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