An Ordinary Life

A silent epitaph.
And should I leave this world tomorrow,
To blether about the deeds I've done,
Will praise be graced upon my memory,
Or shall my passing go unknown?

I never claimed to be a sinner,
Nor a saint if truth be told,
Nor did I strive to be a hero,
The life I lived was never bold.

I merit not, a legend's status,
The myth of me won't raise eyebrows,
Except, perhaps, selective friends,
Who know and love who I am now.

Perhaps my life was ordinary,
The fast lane never courted thrills,
Although I sometimes longed for glory,
My humble service kept me still.

As I look back through my years,
My compromise needs no forgiving,
With no regrets, I close my eyes,
On an ordinary life, worth living!
Published: 8/6/2012
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