An Unforgettable Summer - Chapter 9

Tanner and Mara have a little chat in the woods, Quinn comes home from the hospital, and the gang has a little fun with bows and arrows. This is a photo of hot-headed Tanner. Leave tons of comments and feedback for me to read guys! I love getting them. Oh and vote on the poll too! Okay, I hope you all enjoy this chapter!
Mara's POV

"TANNER!" I yelled, running after him down the dirt trail, "Don’t run away from me Tanzy!"
Presently, I was chasing Tanner into the woods; he had pretty long legs so it was sort of difficult to keep up, but I was a very persistent little sister. The scavenger hunt had been over a half hour ago and I felt the need to address Tanner about his bedroom wall, which was currently punctured due to his fist. I knew Tanner wouldn’t tell me why he did, what he did but this time I had dirt on him, and if blackmail was the only way he would spill, blackmail is the tactic that I would use.

"Shut up Mara!" He roars at me, still speed walking down the hiking track, "Go away!"
"Not until you talk to me Tanzy-Wanzy!" I laughed and started to catch up with him.
"Stop calling me that Mara!" He shouted. Tanner absolutely hated when I called him by his childhood nickname. All four of us, Paul, Tanner, Quinn and I, had these nicknames for each other when we were little. Tanner was Tanzy-Wanzy, Paul was Paulzy-Waulzy, Quinn was Quinzy-Winzy, and I was Marzy-Warzy. We never really spoke of these nicknames after we thought we were too old for them, well they did. I never stopped using them.

Finally, I was right behind him, so before I lost him I jumped up on his back. HA! No getting away now. He tried to jerk me off his back but I clung on like Tarzan would a tree.
"Shit Mara, you’re annoying as hell..." He muttered under his breath, I rolled my eyes and laughed again.
"So tell me brother dear," I started, still holding onto him, "What on earth did that poor wall do to deserve such a beating?"
"Drop it Mara, it was nothing," he said dismissively.
"No! Tell me!"
"I’ll never tell you since you’re such an annoying little shit!" He shot at me.

"I wouldn’t be so mean to me if I were you," she warned him, "I’ve got dirt."
"Yeah on your face," he said quickly after.
"Oooh good one bro," she teased and laughed, "Do you really want mom and dad to know that you’re the reason why Quinzy’s at the hospital?"
He froze in his tracks and stiffened up, "I didn’t do anything to Quinn! He fell out of the damn tree!"
I clicked my tongue at him, "Oh Tanzy, don’t lie, Vivian told me that she saw you climb up into the tree and stash their clue so they wouldn’t find it."
"So what if I did? Quinn was the one who fell, it isn’t like I pushed him down or anything."
"But you did punch your wall. And if you don’t want mom and dad to find out about that and the little stunt you pulled today then you tell me why you punched your wall."

He sighed, "Mara…"
"Just tell me Tanner."
"Get off of me then I’ll tell you."
I did as he said and jumped off his back and punched his muscular arm, "Okay macho man, spill!"
"I screwed up," he said slowly, "big time."
"Well... you know Hanna?"
"Of course I know Hanna," what an idiotic question.
"Well, last summer we kind of…" He trailed off.
"Kind of what?"
"We hooked up." He said quickly and ran his hand through his hair nervously.

"No way!" I said in disbelief, jumping up in the air.
"Yeah we did, the end of the summer, the bonfire."
"So that’s where you two went!" She nodded, remembering that day. She was still confused though, "But what did you mean you screwed up?"
"I never called her after the summer ended, I didn’t talk to her once all year." He sighed, obviously disappointed with himself, "Now things are awkward and she seems mad at me."

"Well I wonder why!" I mocked him in a goofy voice.
"Oh shut up." He rolled his eyes at me.
I sat myself down on a moss-covered log, "So what now?"
"I don’t know…"
"Well do you like her?"
"Yeah I guess I do, I don’t know."
"Well, I highly suggest you figure that out soon."
"I’m trying!"
"If you like her, you should talk to her." I instructed, "If you don’t like her, you should still talk to her."
"Yeah, well I’ll work on it."
We were starting to walk back along the trail now and I felt much better about my sibling relationship with Tanner.

"I still don’t get why you punched a hole in your wall though, Tanzy-Wanzy," I teased before running off in front of him.
He started to chase after me, "Don’t you ever call me that again Mara!"


Vivian’s POV

I couldn not feel guilty about what happened with Quinn. I know it was a freak accident and all but I still felt bad. After the hunt, I told Mara and Emily what happened and of course they tried to make me feel better about the situation, just what best friends would do.

I couldn’t wait until Quinn came back, I missed him. Is that weird of me? To miss him when he probably isn’t missing me back? I couldn’t help it though, all through dinner he was the only thing on my mind. Was he feeling okay? Did the hospital take him in right away? Was his arm broken? Did he need a cast? When was he going to come back? Was he thinking of me right now? Did he ever think about me at all?

After dinner I tried to shake the thoughts about Quinn away from my head by joining in on a good old game of Monopoly. Mara chose to be the race car, Spencer picked the thimble, Hanna was the iron, Abby decided on the boat, Justin selected the dog, and I took the hat. This was by far one of my favorite games… and Quinn’s.

At the end of 3 and a half hours, Mara, Hanna, and Justin had gone bankrupt and Spencer, Abby and I were still in the game. Spencer unfortunately owned the most expensive properties on the board and was close to having a hotel on one of them. Abby had owned the less expensive half of the board, while I held all the transportation, utilities and 1/4th of the properties on the board. We decided end the game because our parents were calling us for campfire, so we left the game on the ground of the Westin's cabin and went to sit around the fire.


Quinn’s POV

I finally arrived back at camp with a big white cast stuck on my arm for everyone to sign. I hoped Vivian would sign it, somewhere easy for me to see because I had a feeling I’d be staring at it a lot. I jumped out of the van and walked out to the campfire where everyone else was seated.

"Hiya everybody! Look at what they gave me at the hospital!" I held up my cherry flavored lollipop and waved it around for everyone to see. My mother bolted up out of her old red camp chair and engulfed me in a bear hug.
"Quinny! My baby! I’m so glad you’re okay!" She planted a big lipstick filled kiss on my cheek, everyone was snickering.
"Mom!" I whined, "You’re so embarrassing."
"Quinn, you know I’m only like this because I care about you darling!" She said, flattening out my shirt and my hair.
"Mom, you’re messing up my hair! Don’t touch it!" She stopped touching me all together and folded her arms in front of her.
"Quinton Angelo Marquez!" She said loudly for everybody to hear, "You are not to speak to me in that tone of voice, I am your mother and you will respect me!"
"Yes mother," I bowed my head as everyone was laughing at me by the campfire. I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek before joining the rest of the group around the flames. I sat down in my camp chair and Paul slapped me on the back with a grin.
"Looking good with that cast baby brother," he smirked, "I’m sure you’ll get all the ladies with that thing, champ."

Justin joined in, "Maybe they’ll be sympathetic, you know how girls are," and he started to talk in a high girly voice, slinging his arm around my shoulder, "Quinny, I’ll look after you, I’ll be your personal nurse, and give you lots of love!"
I shoved him and laughed along with everyone else, "Sure Justin, you can be my nurse, only if you kiss it better," I wiggled my eyebrows suggestively at him before the both of us burst out into fits of laughter.

"If I didn’t know you two, I’d think you were 100% into each other," Mara laughed as she roasted a marshmallow.
"Think? Mara, they are into each other, it’s obvious!" Said Denise from the other side of the fire pit.
Just spoke in a hushed voice, but loud enough for everyone else to hear, in Quinn’s ear, "Damn Quinny baby, they caught us!"
Everybody laughed and joked throughout the night, it was pretty fun. Once we all started to head back to our cabins I realized I hadn’t spoken to Vivian all night, or even heard her utter a word. I wondered if I should talk to her or not. I was kind of too much of a chicken to talk to her so I decided not to and headed back into the cabin to shower.

When I got into the bathroom I put a plastic bag over my arm as the doctor instructed, and got into the shower. Only then I grasped the fact that I wouldn’t be able to swim with this cast, which meant the rest of the summer. I was supposed to get the cast off in 2 months, I’d be back home by then. What a bummer, the rest of the summer is going to suck. How will I compete in the Summer Challenge with Viv?! I can’t let her down, this thing was supposed to help me get her to like me but it looks like it’ll be the opposite. I sighed in frustration and finished off washing up.

I got to my room after the shower and laid on my bed in a fresh pair of boxers, that’s all I really slept in during the summer; it was much too hot for anything else.
I rolled over to grab my cell phone; I needed to talk to Vivian. Should I call or should I text? I’ll just text her, she might be showering or something so she might not be able to see her cell right away. Vivian in the shower, that seemed great to me. She is so hot, I mean, beautiful, that too. She’s actually one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met. There’s something about her that makes me smile whenever I see her. Maybe I’ll get to see her in the shower one day… No Quinn! Stop being such a pervert, I scolded myself internally.

I opened up a new message and started to type,
:: Hey Viv, I didn't get 2 talk 2 u all night :( ::
Did that sound weird? I sent it anyway. I put my phone back on my side table and reached for my iPod and headphones. I put them on and played a random song on my playlist.

Every five seconds I looked at my phone to see if she replied but she hadn’t. How long has it been since I sent it? I went to check the time I sent the text; 11:43 pm. And the time right now was 11:46 pm. 3 whole minutes!
Maybe she’s mad at me for not talking to her all night. Oh man, I screwed up with her yet again. I hate this. Well, she could be in the shower, I reminded myself. I pushed the shower thoughts out of my mind, I can’t go down that road again.

A minute later my phone beeped, I almost jumped out of my bed; I was that excited. I opened the message and read her reply,
:: I know, we didn't get the chance. But it's ok, we’re talking now :) ::

I smiled at the smiley face she sent me, imagining her real smile. I instantly started to type back a reply.
:: Ya I'm glad tht we are. How was the rest of ur afternoon? Good I hope :) ::
:: It was ok. We played Monopoly :P ::
:: Without me!? Viv, u know I luv tht game! ;) ::
:: Sorry :( we can play it again tmrw if u want! Promise ::
:: k deal! I will be playing lots of board games frm now on.. cast = no swimming ::
:: oh no! :( well dnt worry Quinn, I will sit out w/ u ::

My summer just got a bit better. I’d love her company, but I don’t want to be the reason she isn’t having fun all summer, I couldn’t do that to her.
:: Nah Viv u dnt have 2 do tht ::
:: Quinn, I want 2! We r a team remember?! :) ::
:: Go team Quivian! Thx Viv, it means a lot :) ::
:: Any time Quinn :) Well I'm gona go 2 sleep. See ya in the AM! ::
::Goodnight Viv, sleep well :) ::

I put my phone aside and fell asleep thinking of Vivian, a big goofy grin glued to my face.


Mara's POV

I felt something wet on my feet. I tried to flick it off as I pulled my pillow over my face to block the sunlight that streamed into my room via the window. I felt more gooeyness on my feet again and groaned angrily. I heard muffled laughter and I pulled the pillow off and peeled my eyes open to see what this was all about. I saw standing at the foot of my bed, my three moronic brothers giggling like thirteen-year-old girls who were talking about cute boys for the first time in their lives. I follow their eyes as they look down at my feet and I finally see what they’re laughing about. They had taken the time out of their morning to apply strawberry jelly, mayonnaise, and maple syrup all over my feet, each boy holding on of the three containers.

"What the hell is this shit!!" I shrieked, sitting up in my bed. Now the boys had gone from giggling to full out hysterics of laughter. Paul was literally rolling on the ground laughing his ass off. I saw a bright flash come from where Tanner was standing. Did he really just take a photo? No way in hell were they getting away with this! I threw my pillow at Quinn and glanced at my feet, a Hulk like expression was plastered on my face.

"Get the hell out of my room you immature, foolish, treacherous baboons!" I screeched at them and threw my other pillow at Paul.
"Mara… your… face… it’s… priceless!" Tanner was able to spit out in between heaves of laughter. I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted. I continued to stare at them in disbelief. They had chosen not grant my wish of them leaving my room, instead they decided it would be funny to act out the face I made when I saw my disgusting-looking, feeling and smelling feet.

"MOM! DAD!" I called out the door from my bed, hoping the boys would get in trouble.
"No use sis, they’re out for a morning swim." Quinn notified me with a huge grin.
I got out of bed, carefully making my way out of my room to the bathroom, trying not to make such a mess.
"You guys are fucking losers," I murmured under my breath and slammed the bathroom door shut. I locked the knob and sat on the edge of the tub to wash off my feet. I heard their howling laughter still booming through the door and I sighed. This is what happens when you’re the only girl in the family (besides my mom of course, but they would never do anything like this to her), you get picked on and pranked and it was never-ending.

After I washed up I fixed my hair into a messy bun and added a plastic headband to hold back the stray strands of hair near the front of my face. I walked out of the bathroom to fortunately find my bedroom was a brother free zone. Sometimes I wish I was an only child.

For about 20 minutes before breakfast the three boys were telling everyone about the prank they pulled on me. Tanner even showed the picture he took of my reaction, and let me tell you, the photo is not a pleasant one. I huffed and pouted the entire time, everyone was laughing at me! Even Spencer, my own boyfriend! Traitor.

He sat beside me after looking at the photo, "Mara, babe you’re beautiful," Spencer laughed and kissed my cheek.
I had my arms over my chest and I frowned at him, "Spencer Lucas Westin, you will not mock me." I said forcefully. He put his arm around my shoulder and I tried to shrug him off, "Meanie."
He shook his head as he tried to stop laughing, "I’m sorry baby, forgive me?"
"Only if you kiss me." I teased and a smile started to appear on my face.
He gladly leaned in and pressed his soft pink lips onto mine, the kiss was beautiful. I heard a gagging noise coming from across the table. I looked up at saw Justin pretending to barf, "Get a room."

I laughed, sticking my tongue out at him and leaned my head on Spencer’s shoulder. Spencer put his arm around me as we started the day with a delicious 5-star breakfast, well maybe not 5 stars, but the best you can get at Tula Hills.
After breakfast we all decided that we would go visit the archery field for practice before the Summer Challenge activity (our parents had given us a hint that the next challenge would be archery). We all hopped onto our bikes and sped off down the trail towards the field.

On the way there we all sang ‘99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall’. We were loud and terrible, but it was funny as hell. We got to 72 bottles by the time we reached the turf. I was absolutely dreadful at archery. I couldn’t aim, or even shoot the arrow more than a foot away from myself, it would just fall straight to the ground before my feet. Considering that fact, I really needed this practice time if Spencer and I wanted to win. There were several targets spread out in the battlefield, but only 4 people could go at one time. First up were Paul, Hanna, Emily and Justin.

They all lined up behind the big red line, which indicated the area which we were not allowed to stand in for safety measures.
Paul had chosen the yellow arrows, Hanna had the red, Emily picked green and Justin got the blue.
Each person got a turn to shoot at the targets, each getting farther and farther away. The person win their arrow closest to the middle of the target got 4 points, and then the next got 3 then 2 then 1.

Paul shot first, he was pretty close but not in the middle of the bull's eye. Hanna followed and was way off, only reaching the outer white rim of the board. Emily was next and shot a decent shot, not as close as Paul’s but much closer than Hanna’s. Justin was next and shot it far from the board itself. It fell onto the ground behind the target board. Everyone laughed at his shot teasingly while Justin just frowned in embarrassment; he was almost as bad at me.

The next 4 up were Me, Vivan, Tanner and Denise. I picked pink arrows, Vivian had the orange ones, Tanner got brown and Denise had white. Everyone told me that I should shoot first, I didn’t want to but they all made me. I sighed and held my bow up, placing the arrow in its place. Seconds before I’m about to shoot I feel two arms go around mine and help me position my bow and arrow correctly. I turn my head, and as expected I found the gorgeous, extremely sexy, and oh so heavenly Spencer Westin.

I smiled and breathed in the aroma of his cologne, minty yet spicy. I turned back towards the bull’s eye target and he whispered in my ear, "Concentrate, keep your eye on the target and hold your position, nice and steady." His voice was so comforting, I felt more confident by the second. He told me to release the string of the bow, I did as he said and surprisingly I hit the target straight into the middle.
I jumped up and rejoiced, it was a very exciting moment for me. I had never even come close to hitting the bull’s eye before, so this was pretty big. Spencer wrapped his arms around me saying, "Good job baby!"
Published: 12/13/2012
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