An Unforgotten Past ~ Chapter 8

A young girl returns from being the world's top assassin desperately trying to forget the horrors of her past.....................and the heartache. Until her past comes back with a vengeance.
Pain. So.Much.Pain.
It sickened me, the crushing weight of betrayal dragged me down into an abyss of despair.
Max had betrayed me, Max was still working for them after everything that happened. Everything had been a lie..........even, I swallowed, even last night.

The Commander's confident laugh broke through my thoughts;
"You see Agent? I did send my best! He was the best man for the job because nobody else could get close to you, learn your weaknesses, and gain your trust." He smirked and then turned to face Max
"Why don't you tell her Agent? Why don't you tell her everything?''

I looked at Max's face it was completely blank.......cold. When he spoke he sounded nothing like the Max I knew.

"It was all planned carefully, after you escaped and I recovered finding you was our top priority. When we found out that you were staying here they prepped me and sent me in. It worked out so well didn't it? I was sent to gain your trust, but I guess I got a little more into the bargain huh? " He let out a short bark of laughter like the Commander had, it was cold and humorless.

His words left me numb, Max had known I was here? Had he been reporting back to the Agency this whole time? Did they know about........last night?

In a small voice filled with emotion I asked him;
"So everything was lie? -My voice broke- everything? Africa? The Cabin?Even .............last night?"

He looked me straight in the eyes and said without a flicker of emotion;

"Yes, everything. I was using you to become a better agent, I didn't think that they Agency would find out but they did. You can't believe how relieved I was to realize that I didn't have to pretend anymore! Did you really think that I would actually love you?:" Laughed again cold and bitter.

I felt.........numb, and then the pain washed over me. It.Was.All.A........Lie? I had never thought that I could actually feel my heart, break but in that moment I could have sworn that the pieces of my heart were so small that they could have passed through the eye of a needle.

A sudden rage burned through me white hot and insistent, THAT BASTARD! HOW DARE HE?!!? how dare he sleep me with knowing that it was lie? After everything! After all the times I had saved his life! All those times he had held me and whispered in my ear that he loved me .

I raised my head and fixed him with a blank expression as I softly said;

"Go Fuck Yourself "

For a moment I actually thought he flinched , but then he said with a smirk;

"You already did partner "
Published: 10/5/2009
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