Ancient Egypt

One of the most powerful ancient civilizations is the one that flourished in Egypt around three millennium ago. Agriculture and trade were the two professions that thrived on the banks of river Nile in ancient Egypt.
Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world that grew along the banks of the river Nile. Ancient civilization of Egypt began sometime during 3150 BC. The Initial years was a golden period during the rule of the pharaohs. The civilization declined once the rule of the pharaohs ended in 31 BC and it was conquered by the Roman Empire. This is one civilization that thrived on conditions and flow of the River Nile. The river Nile controlled not only the agriculture but also the culture and social life of the people.

Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

One of the wonders of ancient world, the pyramids were built as burial-place for the pharaohs and their queens. It is also believed a pyramid represented a stairway for the souls of a pharaoh to ascend the heavens.

One of oldest pyramid was the Step Pyramid of pharaoh Djoser who ruled 4,600 years ago. There are corridors in Djoser pyramid, which leads to the burial chamber. This area is lined with Aswan pink granite. The entrance of the pyramid is sealed with granite. The entire pyramid is covered with fine limestone.

One of the largest pyramids, Necropolis, was built in Saqqara. The Great pyramid at Giza is the largest pyramid ever built. This pyramid is a burial chamber for pharaoh Khufu and was completed in 2550 BC. This pyramid is made of approximately 2,300,000 blocks of stones each weight around 2.5 tons. The length along the side of the pyramid is 230 meters and the height is estimated to be 146.6 meters.

Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens

Egyptians considered pharaohs to be gods on earth and were thought to be incarnation of gods. There were more than 30 dynasties of pharaohs. The throne was handed over from father to son. However, there are times when the next-in-line or heir-apparent would be murdered or would disappear mysteriously. In that case a new family take over the control of the kingdom. The history of ancient pharaohs is very complex. One of the famous pharaohs was Tutankhamen or King Tut.

Only a few queens were famous while, most queens were shadowed by the regalia of their husbands. One queen who was famous for her beauty, even today, is "Cleopatra". Queen Hatshepsut ruled Egypt dressed like a man and there are a few queens who contributed towards the unique and rich history of Egypt. Queen Nefertiti was a queen who was known for her beauty and her brains. She was the real ruler behind the throne during her husband's reign.

An ancient civilization that fascinates historians and the common man alike developed around river Nile and was advanced in medicine and mathematics. They had their own alphabet and decimal system. The Egyptians also believed in life after death and the concepts of rebirth.
By Maya Pillai
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