And I Wonder

Sometime we keep on wondering how things would be different if things had happened another way.
It's been ages since you have gone,
You have gone to that place from where you can't return,
Days passed, months passed, and years passed,
Slowly your image got blur.

The vacuum you left,
Was not filled up, yet left behind,
And I moved on...

Good things happened,
My face shined,
Bad things happened,
My face got dark.

You were gone,
When I was too young,
I can't remember much of you,
As I couldn't have much moment with you.

But today when things are going terribly wrong,
When wind against me is blowing so strong,
When each of my attempts gets failed,
When my dreams are being jailed,
And I wonder, would things be different in your presence,
And keep on wondering….
Published: 5/28/2014
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