Animation Software for Kids

The following mentioned are the easy to learn animation software for kids. They are simple to operate and are ideally meant for kids.
It seems that kids are naturally inclined to animation and cartoons. Creating cartoon characters and then making a show or movie of it is a complex process. If your kid is inspired to make cartoons, then they should be exposed to the actual process of 2D and 3D animation, the latter being much complex. A few animation software for kids are available free online. Learning 3D animation is difficult as it requires in-depth knowledge about computer programming and artistic skills. Today, kids are so much fascinated by cartoons and they take keen interest to learn the software. Online guidance, although useful, cannot teach the intricate details of 3D animation. The best option is to take guidance from an animation expert. Read the next content to gain knowledge about the software designed for kids to learn animation.

3d Animation Software for Kids
  • Since they are novice in this field, encourage them to adopt inexpensive programs.
  • Let them first develop the taste about the basic types of animation and then they should proceed with the details.
  • The basic principles of animation must be clear to them or else they won't be able to continue the higher courses.
  • Help them to opt for programs that are meant for kids, since they have ready-made scenarios and characters. Just the script and the story need to be embedded.
Xtranormal is one of the best software around. The process begins with selecting the scenarios and then deciding the number of actors. The characters are selected once these two steps are over. The script is supplied after the preliminary steps and there's a script window for controlling the actions of the motion movie. The 3D movie will be ready along with voice pitch and modules with the help of speech synchronizer. The language supplied to the characters range from British, Australian to American accent. The animator has to embed the movements, gestures, motions and expressions by dragging the icons.

Alice is one of the best cartoon animation software. It's actually an introductory tool for the beginners. The 3D graphics are created by the simple techniques of dragging and dropping. It reduces the complexity of making the 3D animation as only the objects need to be dragged with the programming tiles to make a technically perfect animation with the story. This is more popular among college kids and high school students as instructional materials are provided to the students along with the software, that helps in easy understanding of the program. Storytelling Alice is a different version of Alice laying more emphasis on interaction or conversation of the 3D characters in the animation script.

Stop Motion
This software was first used in the year 1898 for the Humpty Dumpty Circus. Stop Motion animation software for kids is meant for creating old-fashioned animation characters or for animating physically manipulated objects. The cartoons are animated on computers and kids usually make the basic frame of the imaginative characters on paper. This is also known as old school animation and was utilized for creating claymotion movies. The weird effects of action cartoons were earlier created by using Stop Motion software.

The software listed above are the easiest tools to create animation and each of them is available online. When your kid has learned the basic techniques of making animation, he/she can master the technically advanced tools. Listed below are the top 3D animation software that will expose them to the complex mechanics of 3D animation.
  • Anim8or
  • 3D Canvas
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Lightwave
  • Maya
  • Synfig
2D Animation Software for Kids
  • 1-2-3 Cartoon Animation Software
  • Animation-ish
  • The TAB Kids 3.1
  • Flip Boom Classic
  • Toon Boom Studio
  • Storyboard
I'm sure your kid will be so very amused if they have a technical appetite to learn animation. Later, you can admit your child to a reputed animation school to gain expertise in this field and gain professional experience in the future.
By Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: 9/21/2011
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