Annabella's Revenge

After her husband is kidnapped, Annabella goes all out to secure the freedom of her first love.
The small shards of glass created a semi-melodic undertone between the concrete and the hard bottom Cole Haans as Guy Henson slowly walked down the dark alley, his sharp eye searching for any kind of movement, his service issued PS9 at his ready as he recalled the urgent message left on his voice mail by his informant Javier Hernandez, who seemed to be in fear for his life which is one reason Guy didn't mind meeting in such a sketchy area if it protected the identity of one of his most valued informants.

After a few minutes, Guy received a text stating (here). He looked in both direction but there was no one, at that very moment he felt a pinch on the back of neck, immediately followed by a lightheaded feeling. Suddenly he noticed a figure walking towards him as he tried to reach for his cell phone.

The news of the abduction of Guy Henson reached Annabella in San Juan, she immediately sprung into action. She entered a secure federal database using Guy's user name and password. She discovered several death threats on Guy's life which was nothing new along with news of the escape of Phillip Calderon from a jail in Bogota, Columbia.

She slowly placed a black dressed on the bed and pulled a shoebox from under the bed and opened the box revealing the black high heels with razor-sharp spikes on the front as well as the back. Annabella loaded two bags with various weapons she used in her Brazilian jujitsu classes along with a bevy of firearms Guy was stockpiling for the last few years.

Annabella booked a red eye flight to Bogata in search of information about the whereabouts of Guy Henson.

Annabella's flight touched down just before sunset, she wasted no time heading to the eastern hills section of town were gangster and drug dealers hide out and information could be purchased for a small price if you knew the right person or you could be killed for asking question about the wrong individual.

Annabella parked her rental car on the top of the hill. She took a few weapons from her bag and walked down the hill toward a few men hanging out in front of an apartment as she neared the men they began to stare. When she was within fifteen feet, one of the men tried to place two finger to his lips in an attempt to whistle.

Annabella cut the portly man's attempt short with one shot from the Ruger equipped with a muffler. The single shot entered the man's hand and exited the back of his neck as the man fell to the ground, his friend placed his hands in the air and received two shots in his forehead for his efforts.

Annabella entered the dwelling, the men stood in front with a cold heart. She reached the top floor and knocked lightly on the door with the butt of the gun and received a greeting in Spanish. She replied and the door swung open revealing five men drinking Aguila light and smoking cigars. Annabella opened her coat revealing her stylish short black dress, the half-drunk men could only stare at her long legs. The slim bearded man nearest to the door asked who are you, without saying a word she placed her hand in her pocket and fired four shots through her pockets killing four out of the five men. Before the fifth man could react, Annabella removed a knife from her inner pocket and through it at the man's foot. The knife went through the man's foot and the floor leaving him screaming on the floor. Annabella quickly grabbed a dirty cloth from the floor and stuck it in the man's mouth then struck him with the butt of the gun rendering him unconscious.

Annabella retrieved the rental car and loaded the unconscious man in the car trunk after throwing him out the window.

To be continued...
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Published: 5/21/2015
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