Anniversary Ideas for Him on a Budget

Are you looking for some romantic anniversary ideas for him on a budget? This write up presents some budget-friendly anniversary ideas for your special day! Read on...
What can be a better reason to celebrate than completion of another year of love, togetherness and companionship! But celebration does not mean you throw the biggest party in town and burn a large hole in your pocket! You can celebrate your anniversary in the most beautiful way by staying on a budget too. But before we get to know some anniversary ideas for him on a budget, let's see what all things you need to take into consideration. Firstly, you need to take care of his likes and dislikes, as even he would have some ideas in mind. So plan something that he will surely like. Also think about all the aspects of the party, if you are planning to organize one. You can cut down on cost by doing things like baking a cake at home, decorating the house with fresh flowers and giving him a homemade gift. These were just a few ideas, the following are some of the best and inexpensive anniversary ideas for him, let's take a look at them.

Great Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Romantic Night-out: This is one of the best one year anniversary ideas for him. Why? Let's find out. When I say romantic night-out, I mean it literally and not the girly type of night-out! You can rent his favorite comedy or romantic flick and find a park or open ground where there is a stage-like structure. The idea is obviously to snuggle and watch his favorite movie! It will surely be fun to watch a movie under the starry sky than on your couch at home or a theater! You can make this idea more interesting, but you will have to start taking efforts for it a month before the anniversary. Capture your partner's various moods, and also ask your friends to do the same when you all go out for dinner or a movie; all these should be done secretly. After each clip, add your comments to it. Surprise him with this CD on the anniversary midnight. He will simply love it! Do not forget to carry loads of blankets, and of course a cake to the garden! Isn't this one of the best first anniversary ideas for him!

Candlelit Dinner at Home: Start preparing for this romantic anniversary idea for him by decorating the home with loads of scented candles, collecting all his favorite music CDs and placing fresh flowers everywhere, especially the bedroom. Your decoration part is done. Now rush to the kitchen and chalk out a menu. Pick only three-four of his most favorite foods, out of the four, one should be an exotic dish. If you are not much into cooking, you can order it from his favorite restaurant. You can end the wonderful night by giving him a nice chocolate massage! I guess this is a really great idea, and also one of the most romantic anniversary ideas on a budget.

A Nostalgic Idea: If you have been married for a few years, you have most probably tried the dinner idea. So this wedding anniversary idea is especially for you. On your special day, gift your partner a romantic map. Now what is a romantic map? Well, it is a special map which consists only those places that are special for couples, like their first date destination, or the site of their first house, etc. Simply buy or trace a map and fill it with those special places' names and decorate it. This makes a real sweet anniversary gift. On your anniversary, visit all these places. Have lunch at your favorite restaurant, visit the church or place where you got married, etc. This nostalgic anniversary will surely be remembered forever! And, do not forget to click loads of photos!

Be His Angel: Looking for some fun anniversary ideas for him? Then this is the idea you are looking for! As the name suggests, be his angel for the day. What does an angel do? Of course she grants wishes! So on your D-day, fulfill all the wishes of your partner. Now you can do it in two ways, you can straightaway tell him about the plan and do whatever he says, throughout the day; or be his secret Santa and get all his wishes fulfilled, it depends upon you. Whichever way you do it, he will be totally impressed, and obviously happy.

These were some of the best anniversary ideas for him on a budget. Try to come up with your own ideas and make your partner feel special on your wedding anniversary!
By Girija Shinde
Published: 9/3/2010
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